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Paris- little details

by | Nov 17, 2015 | Adventures | 0 comments

I’m grieving with the rest of the world at the recent attacks in Paris. But I try to remain full of hope. The world is a beautiful place.
This is Part 2 of my Paris photos from the trip we took last year. Just a few things that I love.
Great travel companions.
The Seine.

The cafes. I love the man in the window reading a book.
The old, quaint buildings.

Haha, the parking.

The libraries. (La biblioteque).

Gotta love the old lady shopping carts! I need one.

Fanta, the good stuff.

The fur.

The random advertisements.

The fountains.

Le metro.
The French flag.

The cathedrals and stained glass that tells such a beautiful story.

The stone streets.

Pont Neuf. (My husband loves the Bourne series)
The statues.
Fancy bakeries.

Aqua bicycles with baskets.

The cityscape.

Beware of pickpockets.

The palaces. (Versailles)

Mes amis.

My church!
The museums.

Modern art….?

At the Centre Georges Pompidou

Nutella crepes!!!

Hotel de ville

French handwriting

Famous landmarks (l’arc de triomphe)

City planning. Thank you Haussman

Aux Champs Elysees

Jardin de Luxembourg

Le Louvre

The plaid.


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