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Easy Olaf Costume

by | Nov 1, 2014 | DIY & Crafts, Holidays, Sewing | 2 comments

It was a “Frozen” themed Halloween at our house this year. (Surprised)? My girls decided months ago that they would be Elsa and Anna, and they actually fit the roles perfectly. The oldest has long blonde hair and has every single movement and lyric of Elsa memorized.  The youngest is quirky and relates well with Anna. With baby brother as Olaf, it was a match made in heaven. (Can’t leave out the other brother though, he is 4 and wanted nothing to do with “Frozen.” Although I would have loved it, I didn’t force him to be Sven or Kristoff… he chose to be Optimus Prime. He felt so tough)!
Since I had a baby this summer, and I spent way too much time and money sewing last year’s Tinkerbell and Periwinkle costumes, I decided not to torture myself by making Elsa and Anna this year. The crazy in me really wanted to, but the practical in me said I needed to chill out and focus on being a good mama. So I did. The only thing I sewed this year was Olaf, and he only took about 2 hours to complete.
I made the hat from scratch, sewed felt circles onto a white long-sleeved onesie, and used my son’s Christening/Baby Blessing white pants for the costume. My sister gifted us a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins, (sooo awesome of her), which perfectly completed little Olaf.
  To make the hat, I found a free tutorial and pattern on Fleece Fun. I wanted one with a chin strap to make sure my little guy stayed warm while we were out trick-or-treating. This was a great pattern. Simple, and reversible too. I might make a few more before winter hits.
I was in such a rush to get Olaf sewn (trick-or-treating was just a few hours away), plus I was talking on the phone with my bestie Ashley… so I completely forgot to snap some pictures while I was designing Olaf’s face. It was really simple though. I’ll walk you through it a little…
For a baby size medium, I needed:
-1/2 yard white fleece 
-craft felt in orange, black, and white
-sew on velcro
-I followed the pattern by cutting out my white fleece pieces (2 exterior and 2 lining). 
-Then I created Olaf’s facial features with the felt. I double layered most of them to give a little more stability.
-I sewed the eyebrows, eyes, and nose onto the front exterior white fleece.
-Then I sewed the fleece exterior and linings together as directed. Before I sewed the exterior “V” shut, I slipped in the branches on top of Olaf’s head.
-When it came time to connect the exterior and lining, I left my 3 inch hole in the front instead of the back as directed. I turned the hat right side out, then I slipped the mouth in the seam and top stitched around the entire hat to add the mouth and close the hole.
-Last I added velcro as recommended.
-For a no-sew version, you could use a premade white hat. Then cut out your Olaf features and use an iron on a low setting and double sided interfacing to press the facial features onto the hat.
I hope everyone had a great Halloween! 
xo, Rach


  1. gnomeangel

    This is just so stinking cute. He makes the perfect little Olaf.


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