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Sewvivor 3: Hexie Challenge Results

by | Sep 15, 2014 | Sew-vivor | 4 comments

Coats and Clark can trace its roots back nearly 250 years. They are the world’s largest supplier of crafting products– from cotton sewing threads, to knitting, embroidery crochet, accessories, and fabrics (including Free Spirit and Rowan).
Visit them on Facebook and Instagram.
 photo CoatsandClark200x300_zpsa14cfab9.png
Our Top 5 didn’t hold back when it came to technique and creativity. It was really fun to see everybody’s different interpretations with their hexie projects. This challenge was particularly difficult for our judges, because every single project was incredible!
The challenge was:

Congrats to these 3 contestants who will advance to  the final Challenge #4: Lap Quilt. The final round will be completely anonymous, so don’t anticipate seeing any sneak peaks. The projects will be revealed here next Monday!

Nicole from Snips Snippets
hexagon floor cushion

Amanda from A Crafty Fox
Sewvivor King Quilt-3

And a hard, heavy goodbye to these lovely ladies, who will be so missed in this competition…

Jade from Stitch Mischief
Here is the breakdown from the public voting and judges. The first picture shows the graph from the public vote. The Sewvivor twist included 30 extra points awarded to the third person to turn in their project. The lucky winner was Amy!

This chart reflects the popular vote plus the judge’s votes. The popular vote percentages are recorded in the first two columns. This counts as 50% of the total vote. The next columns include the judges rankings, which includes the other 50% of the total. Each judges individual cans as 10% of the total vote.

And now for the Quilted Bag SewAlong winner, chosen at random (by scrolling through the hashtag on IG with my eyes closed and tapping a picture). She will win a shirt from Patchwork Threads!
Congrats: aqua_paisley
If you’re participating in the sew-along, upload to the Sewvivor Sew-Along Flickr group, or post on Instagram, tagging @sewvivor and @familyeverafter and use hashtags #sewvivor and #sewvivorsewalong! A “SewPrize” will be given to a random sewalong participant, announced at each Challenge Result post. The new theme for the next two weeks is: Hexies, so feel free to jump in!

A note about one of our sponsors, Westwood Acres. I approached this amazing fabric shop to be a sponsor back in May, and I was delighted to have them onboard! Just a week after that, Amanda, the owner, asked if she was able to audition. I said yes. At the time I did not see it as a problem, seeing as her shop is separate from her creative sewing blog. But now that she has approached the top 3, I was concerned that others may see it as a conflict of interest. So she has kindly stepped down from being a sponsor. I take full responsibility for any confusion or perceived unfairness this may have caused. I do maintain that Amanda has earned her way into the top 3, separate from participating as a sponsor. Thank you all for your understanding!

 photo Fabricworm200x200_zps4b9707d8.jpg
 photo 696cea84-e2bb-4644-9202-b0eff2760cc6_zps5a76fc44.png photo bf07769c-036c-4e3d-a806-99a9200e74be_zps9d09b5a3.png
 photo FatQuarterShop200x200_zpse743910a.png photo 7ed1c6af-269c-43d5-85a3-a34b832ca5a1_zpscf3e0d9a.png
 photo 84652cd7-d387-49bf-8cd4-5e96702aadeb_zpsdede7d27.png photo ArtGallery200x200_zps4f20e6cc.png
 photo 7022b07c-1e8f-44e6-8107-1335d48553a5_zpse2dd56c8.png photo 166bb952-6981-4e62-a175-66d35ae6319c_zpsc7f2ddcb.png


  1. Anonymous

    So, the sponsor pulled out when they were in the top three?

  2. Anonymous

    Still pretty dodgy to have a sponsor in the competition in the first place. The notion that a company and a blog run by the same person is somehow separate is naive at best…

  3. Anonymous

    If the sponsor has pulled out will taht reduce the prize?

  4. Cheri and David

    I love all of your Sewvivor challenges. I have followed all of them. I don't sew (wish I did), but it's so fun to see all these amazing and talented people and their creations!

    Congrats to the top 3, you're all amazing!


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