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Hi Everyone! I want to apologize for not announcing the judges last Monday… I was out having a baby! So today I am revealing the amazing Judges. Next week, when the AUDITIONS open, I will also reveal all the SPONSORS and PRIZE PACKAGES. It’s all so exciting!

Quick recap so far… click for more info on:

Say hello to our Judges! Their job is to select the Top 16 from the auditions, and then help narrow down the competition as it advances. Their individual votes will always be confidential, it is their collective vote that will be used in the judging process. 

I am so honored to have each one of these quilting sensations on our Judges Panel… (also know as the “Tribal Council” in Survivor terms). You have probably heard of each of these ladies… I have been so inspired by each of them. I definitely recommend checking them out on the web! Here’s a little more about them.

Mary Dugan from Molly Flanders Makerie
Mary is such a delight in the online quilting community. One of her specialties is her knack for matching quirky fabrics and her amazing hand quilting. She has taught quilting classes for many years at several quilting shops in Columbus, Ohio. She has contributed patchwork projects for a Mollie Makes book (which will be released in the UK in the Fall and in the States in the Spring ’15). She has sewn for Quilt Market booths. Her latest endeavor includes an e-commerce site which will launch this fall!

Jeni Baker from In Color Order
 Jeni is a multi-talented blogger, quilter, and designer. She has a passion for all things vintage, which is portrayed in some of her creations. She has taught classes at The Sewing Summit. She designs fabric for Art Gallery Fabrics and designs quilting patterns under her own name. Jeni teaches sewing and quilting about once a week at The Sewcial Lounge in Madison, WI.

Amy Newbold from Sukie Don’t Ya Know
Amy, more commonly known as Sukie in the online sewing community, has been quilting since 2010. Her inspiration for getting into quilting came from her mother in-law who has been sewing for over 40 years. Currently, Amy lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband and two kids. She works as a Director of Operations for a local I.T. company. In 2012-2013 she volunteered her time to the Modern Quilt Guild Board of Directors as the Treasurer. At the end of 2013, she developed Sewtopia Retreat. Amy tries to fit sewing in at night and on the weekends. She loves long walks on the beach.
Jenny Fox-Proverbs, Editor of Love Patchwork and Quilting Magazine
Jenny’s been a prominent figure in the world of craft publishing for over 15 years, and last
year masterminded the launch of a brand new magazine: Love Patchwork & Quilting. The
mag’s geared towards modern quilters – featuring fresh fabric designs, exciting colours,
graphic shapes and bold piecing – it shares your passion for fabric! To find exclusive
content, mag previews, top giveaways and more visit www.lovepatchworkandquilting.com.

Sarah Fielke from The Last Piece
Award winning quilter, Sarah has made a huge impact upon the modern quilting society. She is well known for her beautiful applique and patchwork. She is an avid teacher, sharing her passion for sewing and quilting around the world. She currently designs fabric for Windham Fabrics. She is the author of several popular quilting books. She enjoys traveling to Quilt Market, and resides in Australia.

the AUDITIONS open, and the SPONSORS and PRIZE PACKAGES will be revealed!!!
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