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Easter is a special time in our home, and this year I am making a concentrated effort to help my children understand why it is that we truly celebrate Easter. It is such a neat time to learn about the last week of Christ’s life spent ministering on Earth. There is so much symbolism to be found… 

Spring (newness of life),
the Sun (Jesus is the light of the world),
Easter Grass (mortality doesn’t last forever, it withers like the grass, Christ offers Eternal Life),
Easter Eggs (newness of life, resurrection),
Lambs (Lamb of God, Good Shepherd),
Flowers (many important events happened in gardens- the Fall in the Garden of Eden, the Atonement in the Garden of Gethsemane, the Resurrection in the Garden of the Empty Tomb).

To further help us have a “Christ Centered Celebration,” I purchased the book called A Christ Centered Easter by Janet and Joe Hales. This is written by an LDS couple, but is full of historical and biblical events that could be used by anyone wanting to incorporate the life of Christ into their Easter celebration. There are plenty of ideas to keep a family busy for several years. This year, I picked certain activities from the book that I’d like to try with my family, and I created daily printables to use during our week of celebration.

This blog post is not meant to lay out every detail of our celebration, but its really to share the printables that I created to go along with our week in conjunction with the book. These are for my family’s personal use, but I’d love to share with anyone who would enjoy them in their home. The book will be your main guide, and these are just a pretty companion to go along with it. (PS- no one asked me to write about this book… I just felt compelled to share and write my personal thoughts about it)!

Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s included in the printables… (I noticed a few minor typos in my printables, and sadly I saved the documents permanently so I can’t go back and fix them. I’ll probably revamp these again for next year).

Begin the week before Easter, on Palm Sunday…
-Each Day describes what Christ was likely doing leading up to Easter Sunday (with the exception of The Last Supper, it is supposed that happened on Thursday, but since Wednesday was recorded as a day of rest, I moved it to that day to have more time to focus on Thursday’s lesson).
-The Symbols are numbered, with a total of 21, and I plan to gather the small symbolic items to place in individual Easter eggs, and use to introduce the lesson each day.
The Lesson section briefly describes what our family will do. I’m not going into detail on this blog post, due to copyright of the book where the main content and messages can be found.
-The Activity is something we’ll do to enhance the Lesson, and ideas are also found in the book.
-The Songs are taken from the LDS Children’s Songbook (labeled CS) and Hymnal, and can be listened to online for free at lds.org.
-The Scriptures are either from the King James version of the Bible, or additional books of scripture including the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants.
-The Pictures are free downloads from the LDS Gospel Art Kit (labeled GAK).

I truly hope that you will find these references helpful, and enjoy learning about the Savior and His life with your family at this special time of year!









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