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My project today is simple, yet fun. I made a mustache pillow! I know the mustache trend has been around for a while, and some of you are over it. But I am hoping this pillow will stand the test of time. (I made it last month in honor of Father’s Day).

I was invited to be a part of UCreate‘s Fat Quarter series in June, and this was my guest post. It was fun to participate along with some of my favorite sewing bloggers, on one of my favorite blogs!

There are so many fun projects you can make with a fat quarter of fabric. Sometimes, the fabric is so pretty that you just know it needs to be used in a quilt top. Other times, its fun to let the fabric do the talking. I have a growing stack of fat quarters on my shelf, and as I was digging through my “stache,” (hehe), I remembered I had bought this print months ago… it was just too fun to pass up. It was just begging me to sew it into a fun pillow.

This is a great project for little kids to help with (I am teaching my 7
year old daughter how to sew, and she loves helping with easy projects
like this). We had so much fun making it, that we made two! (Two pillows out of 2 contrasting fat quarters).
My kids won’t stop playing with them! However, I’ll be packing them away soon, into our “Father’s Day Decorations Box.” These guys are only invited to live on my couch but once a year.

So anyway, here’s how we made them:

I began by drawing a template. It took a couple of tries to come up with something that I liked.

You will have to “free hand” draw yours. Mine ended up looking like a whale(ish). I cut it out, flipped it over, traced it again, cut it out, and then taped it together, overlapping it a few inches.

Then I gave the ‘stache a little trim cut out my 2 layers of fabric. If yours is a directional print, make sure you don’t cut it upside down. I cut through both layers at once, carefully using my rotary cutter.

Next, pin right sides together. Make a mental note or a small notch at the bottom, where you will leave a 4 inch opening. Mine was between the 2 blue pins.

Sew around the pillow with a 1/4 inch seam allowance, (except at the opening). When sewing around the mustache handlebars, go very slow, sew in the needle down position, and pivot a lot. I decreased my stitch length to reinforce my stitches. I then went back and repeated my stitches where the pillow would receive the most wear and tear, for added strength.

Once you’re finished sewing, turn it right sides out through the opening. Then carefully press along the seams so it lies flat.

Then stuff your pillow nice and full with batting. After that, give it a little running stitch shut, and tie off with a knot
Guess what? That’s it! A simple yet quirky project that you can make in half an hour.

xoxo, Rachel
See you there!
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xoxo, Rach H.