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Summer vacation is HERE! I’m so incredibly happy to have my oldest daughter home all summer. Call me selfish, but I LOVE having all my kids home all day and all to myself, to come and go as we please. My heart is so full and happy.

We spent our first week of summer sleeping in and relaxing, planting our garden, wading in the creek, jumping on the trampoline, running through the sprinklers, and going for a few bike rides.

With all the fun during the day, I’ve actually been putting my kids to bed on time at night so I can have some quiet time to sew!!! It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a good sewing routine going, and its been nice. I’m working on a bunch of fun stuff. 🙂

Here’s a few pics from this past week (from instagram)…

 dance recitals… jumping in the rain
a hilarious drawing by our 7 year old… the boy playing with his superhero dolls
teaching a sewing class at my local quilt shop… happy mail (new fabric and books)!!

A word about blogging… this afternoon I spent a few minutes reading over old posts from my blog. I realized that I miss just posting to say hi or with a random thought. Not every post needs to be something glorious that took hours to concoct. The blogs I love reading most are where there’s a good combination of projects and behind the scenes looks into the blogger’s mind and thoughts. So hopefully I’ll find my balance one of these days. I know that recently I’ve had quite a few sponsored posts. In all honesty, I can only say that I’m grateful to have had the chance to earn a little extra money lately. I plan on keeping this blog forever, and I yearn for the day that I can turn down sponsored posts and purely blog for my enjoyment and creations. But for now, when a particularly great opportunity is handed to me, I can’t afford to turn it down. We are trying to figure out where we will be moving our family in the next couple of years, and with that big decision will hopefully come a signing bonus and take some pressure off financially. But I am so grateful for the ways that I’ve been able to earn a bit of extra money for our family, because of my blog. It’s been a huge blessing! So that’s my little apology/explanation for why my posts have been a little dry lately. 🙂 That…. and I’ve actually been sewing tons, but I just haven’t finished anything blog worthy yet. Soon, very soon!

I feel like I’ve done this a lot, but I actually tweaked my
blogging schedule yet again. It’s only slightly different than it was
before. But I know this time it will work to my advantage! lol. I’m sure
no-one cares, but I still feel the need to post it:

monday- once upon a weekend (the post where I share my insta pictures and life)
tuesday- tasty (you know i love food and could never have a blog without a day dedicated to it)!
wednesday- whatever (series, work in progress, what i wore, or just a break)
thursday- this or that…. (giveaway, review, etc)
friday- feature (featuring a project that i’ve made)!

So that’s my new schedule, with the exception of this week, which is……

“Disney Week” on my blog! 
I’ve been planning this for months! Just 2 weeks ago, I was in Disney World with my entire family. I’m excited to share a few projects that I did to celebrate and count down to our trip.

To kick things off today, I’ve got a round up of all the 16 Disney Inspired Outfits that my little sister wore last year (she did this just for fun, while at college, only using items she had in her closet already). If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you might have seen these before. I posted them all separately while I was on a little blogging break. But I’ve been wanting to put them all together in one post… so here they are! HUGE thanks to my baby sis for doing this little series with me! She is just so cute and creative, and is the perfect gal to pull such fun little outfits off!

Snow White:
yellow lace shirt, blue cardigan, red bow headband, red flats, apple

Carl (from “Up”):
balloons, black glasses, bowtie necklace, sweater, circular pin

Captain Hook:
captain hat, black and white shirt, vest, black skirt, red tights, black boots, and a pocketwatch!
 Sleeping Beauty:
hot pink and light pink clothes, golf headband, rose ring, princess bracelet, and grace

hair extentions, flowers, purple dress, frying pan
Asian-printed shirt, gray skinnies, black flats, awesome ninja skills
plaid headband, red necklace, plaid shirt, vest, cowgirl boots

top bun, black choker, blue ruffly shirt, gray skinnies, gray flats, and pumpkins of course!
Mary Poppins:
 umbrella, hat, bag, long jacket, skirt, tights, pointy shoes

beach curls, pearl headband, shell necklace, sandals, beachy background

do you recognize this little bird from Pocahontas? hehe
Perry the Platypus:

this silly guy is from Phinaeus and Pherb
Alice in Wonderland:
(She played Alice last year in her high school’s One Act, so this is probably my favorite outfit).
shirt, black skinny jeans, black flats, a sparkly black bow headband, a
pocket watch necklace, and a black ring. All of this completed with an
Alice in Wonderland Tea Cup

Lion King:
cheetah-lined sweater, african print shirt, jeans, giraffe shoes, zebra earrings, sunshine necklace.

Minnie Mouse:
black dress, black tights with polka dots, black boots, red rain coat, red polka dot headband, mickey mouse earrings.

bohemian shirt, tan sweater, jean skirt, tan moccasin shoes, homemade
leather headband, 2 different feather earrings, and brown flower ring.

Stay tuned every day this week… there are more Disney posts coming!
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Once upon a time…

I started a blog. This is a tale of my projects, goals, and dreams. Thank you for taking a moment to stop by. I hope you have a beautiful day.

xoxo, Rach H.