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Thanks for stopping by my little Disney Week series today! My parents recently took our family on a trip to Disney, so this week I am sharing a few tips and ideas about preparing for our trip and pictures from our vacation.

A couple of weeks before our trip, I created some “Disney Dollars” for our kids, which we used in place of our regular allowance (which is just a couple of coins a week, which can be used to purchase toys that I have sitting in a special bin). These Disney Dollars were such a fun deterrant from our normal weekly allowance routine. The kids had extra pep in their step and worked hard to earn them. (This is how we finally potty trained our 3 year old boy. Yay)!
We let our kids earn their Disney Dollars to save them for souvenirs on our trip. They handed over their Disney Dollars, and we took care of the real tab. We didn’t necessarily place the same monetary value on the actual items as the Disney Dollars were worth.
We actually only let the kids spend about $10 each, which was within our budget. With the leftover Disney Dollars that they had, we let them “buy” ice cream and other treats… which were actually free on the cruise, and which they could have had without their Disney Dollars, but they don’t know that 🙂
The little bucket was home to the Disney Dollars. Once earned, the kids put them into their individual tins. (found at Target)

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