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 I know you are all anxious to see who made Sew-vivor’s Top 10. But before you start scrolling, don’t skip this! All other pertinent info is found after the Top 10 reveal.
We have one more AMAZING sponsor to welcome onto the Sew-vivor team. I’d like to welcome Coats and Clark, you know, the amazing company who has been around for 200 years, whose thread we have all sewn with, and notions we have all used. It is an honor to have them on board. They are giving amazing prizes.

-To our Top 3…
1st Place will receive a 50 spool assortment of Dual Duty thread
2nd and 3rd Places will receive an 18 spool assortment

Dual Duty XP® General Purpose Thread Collection

-Each departing contestant from the Top 10 will be mailed a surprise gift bag.
-I will be choosing random participants who want to sew along, from the Sew-vivor Flickr pool or Instagram (#sewvivor) to win some of the grab bags!

How the Top 10 were chosen:
Here’s one last look at the auditions. There were 146 incredible entries. It was torture to narrow it down to only 10. Each judge cast 10 votes. They each had a #1 pick, who was automatically entered into the Top 10, so that was 5 automatic picks. For the remaining 5, I tallied up the votes from the judges.

Drum roll please!

Here are the Sew-vivor Season 2 Top 10:
(appearing in the order they auditioned)

#1 Jessica from Dear Emmeline
Origami Pillow

#34 Jen from A Quilting Jewel
Dazzling Diamonds Quilt

#71 Jen from A Jennuine Life
Sparkle, Shine, Swirl Dress

#75 Kaelin from The Plaid Scottie
Woven Pouch

 #85 Angelina from Jojo and Eloise
Target Sheets Spring Dress
target, sheets,dress,easter,sprin

#95 Melissa from Melly Sews
The Trendy Tuxedo

#98 Caila from Caila Made
Bias and Buttons Kimono Dress

 #127 Charity from Happinest
Blue Striped Dress

 Yoga Bag of Awesome

#141 Catlin from Call Me Cat
Little Floral Dress
Runner’s Up:
Because I’m sure you’re curious, here are the runner’s up.
Also, we will call on one of these girls in case one of the Top 10 spots is unclaimed. Each of these entries are tied, and I will randomly choose one of these to compete. Pictures are not shown so as not to confuse anyone about who is in the top 10.
#5 Michelle’s Macaron by Handmade Martini
#10 Puppy Dog Coat by Feather’s Flights
#14 Beaute Classique by Welcome to the Mouse House
#72 Petal Shower Curtain by Mama Says Sew
#126 Applique Journal Cover by Darling Adventures
My parting words to those who didn’t make it into the Top 10:
I love you. Keep sewing. Let’s be friends. You are amazing. I mean it!
If you are feeling sad that your project didn’t get through, let me first tell you how painful it was to not be able to choose you all. Here’s my little story to let you know that I can totally relate…
Two years ago, I auditioned for “Crafting with the Stars,” a crafty competition in blogland. I really wanted to make it- the prizes were amazing, and the opportunity to get my blog out there and connect with other bloggers behind the scenes was exactly what I was looking for, and it just sounded fun! It’s hard to admit to yourself that you care so much about a silly blog competition, but I totally had the butterflies the entire day wondering if I would make it in. Well, the big Top 12 post came, and as I scrolled down, my heart sank a little each second. Sad, I didn’t make it! I was really bummed… but also a little relieved (hooray, I could still have a normal life for the next month). Later, the cute Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous told me that I was the judge’s 13th pick. I missed it by 1 vote! The reason I tell you is because truly, I know exactly how it feels! Please don’t let it get you down though. You are all amazing, and your projects were just so incredible. Sewing is such a wonderful skill, and you all have it! And on the bright side, at least the stress is over!
If you made it into the Top 10:
I will attempt to contact you all with an email, but in case I can’t track you down, you need you to contact me asap (familyeverafter at gmail), with confirmation that you do indeed wish to compete. I need to hear from you by tomorrow night (3/14), or we will give your spot to one of the runner’s up.
Your first project will be due March 19, at 6pm. (This gives you one week for the first project. You’ll have 10 days for the other 2 projects). Make sure to put this button on your blog! Again, congrats! You’re in for an exciting adventure!
 photo sewvivorTOP10.png

Sew-vivor Sew-Along:
If you would like to sew along each week with our contestants, that would be awesome! I will be featuring some of your projects each week, and choosing random participants to win a grab bag from Coats and Clark! You can upload your pictures to our Sew-vivor Flickr Group or post them on Instagram, using this hashtag:
#sewvivor (without a hyphen)

Here are the sew-along themes:


March 6: Sew-vivor Giveaway
March 13: Top 10 contestants announced
March 20: Round 1
March 27: Round 1 results

April 3: Round 2
April 10: Round 2 results
April 17: Round 3
April 24: Round 3 FINAL results!

Here is an updated look at the prizes:

1st Place:
($550 value)

50 spools of thread from Coats and Clark
$150 gift card to The Fat Quarter Shop
$100 gift card to Fashionable Fabrics
$50 gift card to Dharma Trading Co.
$35 gift card to The Fabric Fairy
1 fabric bundle from Sew to Speak
1 goodie bag from BERNINA
6 patterns from Fishsticks Designs
1 pdf pattern from Oliver + S
TBA from Nick of Time Textiles

2nd Place:
($250 value)

18 spools of thread from Coats and Clark
$50 gift card to Fabric Worm
$50 gift card to Fashionable Fabrics
$25 gift card to The Ribbon Retreat
$25 gift card to The Fabric Fairy
$25 gift card to Dharma Trading Co.
3 patterns from Fishsticks Designs
1 pdf pattern from Oliver + S

3rd Place:
($200 value)

18 spools of thread from Coats and Clark
$50 gift card to Raspberry Creek Fabrics
$25 gift card to Fashionable Fabrics
$25 gift card to The Ribbon Retreat
$15 gift card to The Fabric Fairy
2 patterns from Fishsticks Designs
1 pdf pattern from Oliver + S

Discount Codes:

Fashionable Fabrics
would like to offer you (anyone! you don’t have to enter Sew-vivor to
use this) a 5% discount off your entire order, valid Feb 27-April 30!
Use code: sewvivor5 

A big thank you to the judges:
Their job was incredibly hard, and they deserve a huge THANK YOU for choosing our Top 10.

Miranda from One Little Minute (last year’s Sew-vivor Champion)!
Kirstin from Kojo Designs
Kate from See Kate Sew

Giveaway winners:
Oops, I forgot to announce them all on this post. I will announce them all next week!
We still have one giveaway that is live… 2 Bonnie and Camille Charm Packs from Southern Fabrics

Sew-vivor is sponsored by:

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Once upon a time…

I started a blog. This is a tale of my projects, goals, and dreams. Thank you for taking a moment to stop by. I hope you have a beautiful day.

xoxo, Rach H.