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A button can be the perfect accent to a project. It can really make an article of clothing ‘pop.’
I use buttons all the time (I used them twice just this week for some sewing projects). I also love them for embellishing my little girl’s hairbows. I still remember when I learned how to properly sew a button, I was in college! I learned why factory-sewn buttons usually don’t hold up well, especially on coats. They don’t usually create a shank. So I always snip off the buttons if I get a new coat, and re-sew them on myself! Anyway, I’m rambling, but I really love buttons!

If you have a button love affair too, then you’ll probably be excited about today’s giveaway! Lots of Buttons is a fabulous company, and they have over 10,000 buttons to choose from!
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Their website is super organized and really easy to use. You can search for buttons by color or material. A few of my favorite categories include their synthetics, naturals, and charms. Here are a few examples:




I ordered some buttons from them a few months ago, and I was immersed in their website for quite some time. They have great customer service and cute packaging to boot.

Today, Lots of Buttons is giving away…

Three $30 certificates, to three winners!

Use this easy form to enter. You have 4 opportunities to win.
Giveaway winners will be announced on my blog next Wednesday March 13. 

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