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Dear Universe,

I have an announcement… I am finally on Instagram!
 As a blogger, I could have been shunned for waiting so long.
So I finally took control of the situation and hijacked my husband’s ipad to create an account.
Three days later, he surprised me with an ipad mini (thank you tax return). I think he wanted his ipad back.
Well, I couldn’t have planned that better myself!
All this time, I’ve been waiting for an iphone. Turns out all I needed to do was sign up for Instagram, and now with an ipad mini, I am totally cool with being the last person in the world to remain smart-phone-less.
ps- if you like to go behind the scenes, be sure to follow along! you’ll find things like getting ready for 80’s parties, progress on my sewing room makeover, projects i’m working on… i love instagram already!  

Dear birthday cake,
I love you. I hate you.
I seriously made 3 birthday cakes within 4 weeks (and I pretty much ate most of them).
Yes, amongst our kids, we have 2 January birthdays and 1 February birthday… go figure?!
Here are the pictures of the 3 cakes I made (the pics are poor quality since I took them all at night). The kids each got to “design” their cake, and here is what they came up with. They were so creative, and very specific!

Paisley wanted a blueberry and strawberry and chocolate ruffle cake.
So the cake is chocolate, and the frosting is all natural.

All Weston cared about was a Chuck Truck cake.
I found some crushed butterfinger sprinkles for the dirt pile, and used crushed oreos for the road. Sadly I overcooked the cake part and it was dry, but the decorations were cool!

Reese wanted a pink heart with white frosting, and a strawberry cake.
Again, everything was all natural- no food coloring or false flavors.

Dear Half Marathon training,
You are the result of birthday cakes (see above).

Dear Daddyball,
er… I mean basketball.
Yup, our kids have called it Daddyball for years.
Our weekends have been filled lately going to cheer daddy on at his various intramural and church tournaments. We love it!

Dear fish heaven,
Please take care of my little girl’s first pet.

 Dear Snow,
You would think that for someone who grew up in South Dakota, I’d be able to build a decent snowman. Big time fail!! We named him “Melty.”

 By the way snow, feel free to stick around for a while. We love you. Spring is good too, but I’m in no hurry to say goodbye just yet. This is one of my all-time favorite pictures of my kids, in their footie jammies and snowboots. Stinkers!

Dear Carrie Underwood,
I’m a fan! I love you! But never have I hated one of your songs until “Two Black Cadillacs” came along. Seriously this has to be the worst country song ever written. I can’t even talk about it anymore.
Dear Bernina,
Thank you for the big feature last week!
That was crazy to see my face up on your website.
I will be doing a little series for Bernina using a walking foot and tutorialing a few projects with it.
I love Bernina, and I am so honored to be part of the “family.”
A little behind the scenes honesty… I love how they cropped my profile picture, and photoshopped it against my ruffle quilt. The secret? I still haven’t finished this quilt! It’s not even sewn together in this pic! So here I am showcasing my unfinished ruffle quilt- ta da!!!!
(how embarrassing)! lol!
ps- for the record, it is almost finished now, and i will be posting the final tutorial ASAP!

Meet Rachel, blogger at Family Ever After #sew #diy #weallsew

 Dear Sew-vivor hopefuls and followers,
Today is the last day to try your luck auditioning for this thrilling, nail-biting sewing competition. Don’t miss your chance! Audition HERE.
Tomorrow night, I will be posting teasers on Facebook, giving you clues about who is in the Top 10.
Everything will be revealed on this blog on Wednesday.
I am just as excited as you are!!!!!
(Thank you thank you to each person who has entered so far- there are 129 ah-mazing entries)!!

And that wraps up my ramblings for the week. How was your week?
I will see YOU later!
Once upon a time…

I started a blog. This is a tale of my projects, goals, and dreams. Thank you for taking a moment to stop by. I hope you have a beautiful day.

xoxo, Rach H.