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Troy and I got married nearly ten years ago.
That is the same age as our first printer.

We try to give 100% every day to our marriage.
But sadly our little printer is ready to give up.

A deep-rooted marriage will stand the test of time.
A printer will soon grow outdated and need replacing.
The more you give to a marriage, the stronger it gets.
The more you use a printer, the more worn it gets.

It’s love, trust, understanding, friendship, happiness that go into a marriage.
Our printer only has one function. It prints.
Ten years of marriage is something I would never trade for the world.
Our sad little printer is something I would love to get rid of.
Welp, apparently, marriage and printers have….
 nothing in common.
Which is why it was time to say goodbye to our old printer and HELLO to this baby!!!

HP® Officejet Pro 8600 e-All-in-One Printer
Here’s a picture of the old printer, on the right hand corner of our desk… RIP.

How very 2003 of us to wait until now to have a printer that does more than print– it can scan, copy, and fax too! And it’s wireless! It’s got all the bells and whistles! I can not tell you how many times I have wished for a machine like this, it is wonderful! I have taken way too many trips to the public library and dug in my wallet for spare change to do these simple tasks. We received this printer from Staples (did you know that you can find printers at Staples)? I’m as happy about it as I was on our wedding day 😉

And, not surprisingly, it has strengthened our marriage. When you have a guy like this, who is willing to set up the new printer, how can you not fall in love with him all over again?

(please ignore random horse in background. k thanks)
I really love our new printer. I LOVE that I can print from my laptop, while I am sitting on the couch. I print things all the time for my church job, and this printer has been a lifesaver. I am very happy with the quality. There are a few things I haven’t tried yet, like sending a fax, but I am super happy that I now have the option of doing that from home! It is pretty large, but considering all it can do, that’s not a complaint. I suppose I will need to dust quite often since this printer is black and dust shows up quickly. Other than that, I can’t think of anything negative to say about it. This HP Officejet Pro All-In-One-Printer was rated really well on Staples.com. I am so excited about this new machine in our home, and would highly recommend it!

Full disclosure: Staples provided
me with this all-in-one printer. Troy provides me the wedded bliss I always imagined. The words, marriage advice, and opinions expressed in this
review are strictly my own. No one else would ever be so clever. To see the full line of printers, visit Staples.com. To read more about our love, go here. If you haven’t had enough cheese from this post, go check your fridge where there’s bound to be more. 🙂
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