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Happy New Year! My little sister is here to visit, and we sang a little ditty with her ukelele to ring in the New Year… followed by lots of appetizers, a trip downtown to get hot chocolate, clay masks, and snuggling the kids while watching the ball drop and High School Musical.
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This was her first time celebrating New Years in the eastern time zone. Kinda cool!


 We’ve had fun sledding, going to the gym and swimming, laughing uncontrollably at ridiculous you tube videos, playing with the kiddos, shopping, cooking, ya know, the typical sister stuff. It’s been so fun to have my little sis here to visit. I love her so much!


A few days ago, we saw “Les Mis” together. I don’t think I’ve ever cried so hard during a movie… we pretty much cried all our makeup off. So glad I had my little sister there for that memory. I have to admit, I was a little cynical going into the movie (I had no idea Anne Hathaway could sing). I saw Les Mis in London years ago, and I just couldn’t picture in on the big screen. But I was literally blown away!!!


I just had to share a few interviews I found about the making of Les Mis. I love learning more about the actors and their experience behind the scenes. These interviews made me love Les Mis even more.

Oh, and watch this. Didn’t think a Jonas brother could sing Broadway? Neither did I until I saw this!
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