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We held our second annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party over the weekend. We had a lot of fun! Throughout this week, I am going to share some of the decorations I made, and then on Friday, I will post the entire party and all the details… with a link party for you to share your ugly sweaters + a giveaway!
A lot of the decorations were really subtle (my husband didn’t think anyone would notice them, but a lot of my girlfriends did)! Have you been to Target recently? Right now they have so much fun decor that is sweater inspired… I think they are realizing the ugly sweater trend, and boy do they have some cool decorations to go along with it. For instance, notice the picture and the vase… nordic knitted border along the frame, and a cable-knit inspired vase. Thank you Target. (We just happened to have a Target employee at our party, who is “high up there,” so it was fun to point out the details to him)! The decorations were inspired by sweaters, yarn, wool, and hot glue. Yes, hot glue. A very cheap way to create some fun….. SNOWFLAKES!
So here’s the story behind the hot glue snowflakes (I mean really, who does that)? Earlier this year, my in-laws took us to Phoenix for spring break. We did some shopping one day. I was so excited to go to Anthropologie, it was my first time ever visiting that store. And if you’ve been around blogland a time or two, you’ll know that a lot of bloggers are inspired by that store. I couldn’t believe how crazy expensive everything was. So instead of looking for something to buy, I looked for something to inspire me. On my way out, I found it. I saw this amazing backdrop of funky looking circular discs, and at closer glance, I determined that had been made from HOT GLUE! That is right up any craft blogger’s ally. I took a picture on my phone, and tucked it away in my memory. Months later, it came to me. Make hot glue snowflakes at Christmas!
You guys, this was so easy. Anyone can do this. Not sure everyone would want to- I’m sure a lot of you think its dumb. But I kinda think my hot glue snowflake garland ROCKS! Especially in an ugly sweater party sort of way 🙂
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How to Make a Hot Glue Snowflake Garland:
I made about 15 hot glue snowflakes, and it took me about an hour.

computer + paper + marker (or a snowflake template)
parchment paper
glitter hot glue sticks + gun
1. To get the snowflake templates, I got real technical. I googled “snowflake” and found some great images. I also went to PicMonkey.com and found some great designs.
2. Then I taped a piece of computer paper over my screen. The snowflakes showed up perfectly. I traced them with a marker. (Not a permanent marker, or anything that will bleed through the paper onto your screen).

3. Then I laid my templates on the table and placed a piece of parchment paper over it. I taped everything to my table to keep it all in place.
4. I just want to show you the glue I used. I found glitter hot glue at Hobby Lobby. It was $4.99 for a package, and I used a 40% off coupon. It takes about 1 to 1.5 glue sticks for each snowflake.
5. Pick up your glue gun, and literally start tracing your snowflake patterns.

*Tip: You’ll need to make a circle in the center of each snowflake if your pattern doesn’t have one. (see the 2 snowflakes to the left). The circle gives the snowflake a core, something to keep it all together to hold its shape. Easy enough.
6. Once they are dry, they peel right off the parchment paper. Remove all the hot glue strings.
7. To create the garland, I tied the snowflakes together with ribbon.
And there you have it. Stop by tomorrow for a peak at more of my Ugly Christmas Sweater Party decorations!
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