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Amidst all my preparations for our Ugly Sweater Party last weekend, I had to make sure the kids got in on some fun too. In fact, I promised them that for all their hard work (and putting up with me being so busy), that they would be invited to the party. I asked if they would like to be the little elves, and help our guests feel comfortable. They were pretty hilarious, and for the most part they did what I asked them to do (getting drink refills, collecting garbage, etc). Mostly they were on a secret mission to sneak goodies, and put rocks in all the guests shoes, and ice people’s pockets. Little stinkers!

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Ok, so for the pom pom tree. It’s definitely not rocket science to figure out how to make this. Basically, gluing pom poms to a cone is pretty simple! The one tip I will point out is this: if you have little kids at home, let them help you! Had I been doing this project by myself, I would have taken a lot more time to place the red and white pom poms so they were a little more sporadic. But my kids couldn’t stick those poms poms on fast enough, they were having so much fun helping me. I just let them go for it, and our end result is pretty special to me 🙂

Might I add that pom poms seemed to add just the right touch to an Ugly Sweater Party!
I already had the sparkly red tree, I found the white cable knit tree at Target (clearance for $4), and so I needed a third tree to complete the trio.

Here’s a quick little tutorial.

paint + brush
pom poms
hot glue + gun

I found my cone and pom poms at Hobby Lobby. I only used 2 bags of white, and 2 bags of red pom poms (not 3 as pictured). In all, it cost me about $10 to make this. Kinda pricey if you ask me, but whatever. For some reason, I really wanted to make a pom pom tree with my kids, so we did. 🙂 $10 for a 20 minute afternoon craft, so be it!

My daughter was beyond thrilled when I enlisted her to paint the tree white. This is an important step. It helps to hide any spaces you might not completely cover with your pom poms.

 We adhered all the pom poms with hot glue. The kids were very careful not to burn themselves on it. They did great! They seriously had a blast.


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