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Last year’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Party was fun… but this year I wanted something extra. Something that would add interest and entertain our guests. So when I saw this idea for a homemade photo booth, I knew I wanted to make one too. My wish came true when my talented builder friend Angela sent me a text and asked how she could help me with party preparations. She came over on a Friday night and we spent a couple of hours building this bad boy. And guess what? Not a penny was spent to make it. I just happened to have the plywood, frames, and wrapping paper on hand. It was pretty much a Christmas miracle, lol.

Angela + me

I found the photo props from Paper and Cake. You can purchase the file here for $9.95.

These were our 1st and 2nd place winners. I found the ribbons at Target.


Isn’t this so fun! I placed it right in the center of our living room, and I think people had fun taking silly pictures. You might be able to figure out how to build this just from seeing the pictures, but I’ll go ahead and show you how we did it anyway!

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How to Build a Photo Booth

a friend with cool tools- jigsaw, electric screwdriver, staple gun, screws
large piece of plywood
2 large frames
wrapping paper
wood glue
adhesive glue
mod podge (opt)

1. Start with your large piece of plywood. Mine is about 6 feet by 4 feet. (I was saving it for a headboard project, that I’ve since abandoned. So I’m glad I found a new use for the wood)! We cut 2 skinny pieces of wood down to 6 feet, and screwed into the long edges of the plywood for support.

2. Next, we positioned the frames on the wood and traced the inside edge with a pencil. Then we cut along the pencil marks with a jigsaw. That was the hardest part, and the part where we were laughing the most. I had a 16×20 and an 11×14 frame on hand. The 11×14 was a bit snug for taking pictures, but it was free so we made it work.

3. After our frame openings worked with our frames, we were ready to cover the wood with wrapping paper. I would totally recommend using the cellophane type that doesn’t rip easily. But all I had was the paper kind, so that’s what we used. We used spray adhesive to adhere it to the wood.

4. Once our paper was on, we cut an X shape where the frames go, and folded and taped the excess paper to the back.

5. Then it was time to attach the frames. We glued them into place with wood glue, on the front. Once that was dry, we flipped the plywood over, and screwed the frames in.

6. After all of that, I applied a layer of mod podge to coat the wrapping paper. I’d like to use this again next year, so hopefully that will help preserve it.

7. For the decorations, I stapled a garland around the top edge. Then I added a string of colored lights. I had some yarn wrapped ornaments, knit covered ornaments, and felted wool ornaments, that I added to the garland (I used twisty ties). Below, I taped some tinsel and stapled my knitted stockings (ok, I guess I did spend a couple of dollars for those at the thrift store)!

8. We had plans to add another piece of wood to the back and hinge it onto the edge of the plywood to help it stand on its own. I never got that part finished, so the guests just basically held up the booth when taking pictures, which wasn’t a big deal. We did have it propped up with a piece of wood in the back, so it stood on its own when no one was behind it taking pictures. Here’s what the back looks like in case you’re interested!

Wahoo! That’s all!
This was SO FUN to have at our party!

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