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We have approximately 50 tiny dolls (barbies, polly pockets, fairies, princesses, strawberry shortcakes, etc) in our playroom. I’m guessing you might too. Multiply that by two (for each foot), and that is a lot of tiny little shoes for each doll. I am a huge worrier when it comes to small pieces, aka “choking hazards.” I used to keep every tiny piece in a zip loc bag, and up high on a shelf. That was a big pain.
So I started to think of ways I could simplify the choking hazard scenerio. I hot glued our doll shoes to the matching doll. I did this about a month ago. I don’t like posting things on my blog before I’ve had enough time to test it out and make sure it works. So… a month later, all these shoes are still glued to the doll’s feet. That doesn’t mean they won’t ever fall off, but so far, so good!


All it takes is a dot of glue on the bottom of each foot.

And now my daughters aren’t constantly asking me to put the shoes on their dolls, and they are less likely to lose the shoes!
So what about you? 
Are you paranoid of choking hazards?
What do you to to prevent accidents?
Maybe you have tried this before? 
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