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On this very day last year, I bought myself a Silhouette Cameo with a sweet Black Friday discount. (Of course I wrapped it up and put it under the tree until Christmas, and told my husband thanks for the best present ever, hehe)! 
This year I am thrilled to offer the same sweet discount from Silhouette to any reader to get your very own! To get any of these discounts, you just need to enter this code at checkout:
 Here are the deals:
($349.98 $229.98 with code EVERAFTER)
($199.99 $179.99 with code EVERAFTER)
 40% off all other purchases at the Silhouette Store!
(with code EVERAFTER)
Click HERE to purchase, and use code EVERAFTER!

Stay tuned for a tutorial next week, using my Cameo!

For those who already have a Silhouette, there is a new software upgrade. I get to give one away today! Check out these links to learn more about it: here, here, and here

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