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Happy Halloween everyone! What are you dressing up as? This year our entire family is dressing as pirates. We don’t always dress up with our kids, but this year we couldn’t help it, haha. I’m going to show you how I made this pirate eye patch (in about 10 minutes). I found a few plastic ones at the store, but they were all pretty uncomfortable. This version is great because it is soft. Ok, let’s get started.
small amount of black fabric
any other decorative fabric you want
black elastic
thin batting
(I found my fabrics at Joanns, on 50% off! I bought 1/4 yard of each).

1. Cut 2 circles of black fabric. I also fussy cut around my skeleton (to get the image centered). If you have a solid fabric with decor on it, or if you just want your patch to be plain black, you don’t need to have 3 circles. I just “eyeballed” the size of my circles, but you could trace around a cup or something circular for more accuracy.

2. I topstitched the crossbones onto one of the black circles.

3. Measure your elastic around your head. Subtract about a half inch. Now place the elastic over the front of the patch. TIP: I put the elastic at the top of the patch, so when you wear it, the elastic will not be in the middle of the patch. Having the patch hang down over your eye makes it more comfy.

4. Now place the other black circle, and then the batting right on top of the elastic.

5. Sew around all the layers, but leave a small opening when you come to the elastic that is sticking out.
6. Trim off the excess fabric, so it will turn right side out nicely.
7. Turn right side out.

8. Now tuck in the raw edges, and insert the other end of the elastic into the patch.
9. Topstitch all the way around, backstitching and beginning and end.

Arrrr! Now go walk the plank.
Happy Halloween matey’s!

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