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Halloween is almost here and I can hardly wait! I am sharing all my Halloween decorations with you today…. including a sneaky trick to switch from Halloween to Christmas in less than 5 seconds!

Have you ever noticed that there are the same amount of letters in the words “Happy Halloween” and “Merry Christmas?”

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Welp, call me Eintsein. It is true! I made some festive blocks for Halloween, and all you do is flip them over and decorate them for Christmas on the back side. Kinda nifty, especially if you go straight from your Halloween decorations to your Christmas decorations!

See? Here they are for Halloween…

… and with a quick flip, they are instantly Christmas decor! (I haven’t finished decorating the Christmas side yet, but you get the idea)!

Here’s how I made them:
1. I started at Home Depot… I bought some wood and had the guys cut it. I got 5 large blocks and 9 small blocks, (sized 9×5 and 4×3 inches, respectively).
2. Brought them home and gave them a light sand.
3. They each got a coat of black acrylic paint from Deco Art.
4. I sanded them again to rough them up a little. I did not stain them, but you certainly could at this point.
5. Then I cut the letters “Happy Halloween” and “Merry Christmas” using this vinyl, and my Silhouette machine.
6. Last, I mod podged scrapbook paper onto the large blocks, applied the vinyl stickers, and added a few ribbon and paper medallion decorations.

Here’s a peek at the other Halloween decorations in our house this year. I made the printable in the frame below, and you can download it free, here!

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