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Hi! If you’re here for a behind the scenes look at our tea party, you’re in the right place! Click here if you want to see the full tea party! Today I’m sharing 3 tutorials- Paper Scrap Table Runner, Fabric Scrap Banner, and Fancy Paper Fans. My kids helped me make each one of these, and we only used what we had around our house. It was a lot of fun!

How to Make a Scrapbook Paper Table Runner

scrapbook paper
circle objects
scissors & pen
sewing machine or tape

Trace different sized circles on your paper.
 Cut them out!
 Feed them through your sewing machine– yes it can sew paper! Trust your 4 year old to do the job while you step on the pedal!
 Keep going…
 And going!

How to Make a Fancy Tea Party Paper Fan

scrapbook paper
popsicle sticks
paint brushes, paper plate
hot glue & gun

Begin by allowing your 4 year old to paint the popsicle sticks. Give her a couple extra to keep her entertained for a whole hour!
 Then have her “glitterize” the heck out of them. She’ll just dip the painted sticks right in the glitter.
Then you’ll spend 45 minutes folding 15 scrapbook papers accordian style while your kids are at gymnastics. Then fold the fan in half and cut it. You’ll sandwich the stick between the papers, and glue it on both sides. Also glue the paper together at the top. Then tie together with tulle and hold in place with a dab of glue.

How to Make a No-Sew Scrap Banner

fabric scraps
I began by tying a piece of ribbon between 2 doors.
Thankfully I saved the scraps from the fat quarters that I cut for my ruffle quilt! They were the perfect size for this banner. I’m totally saving it and using it again someday!
 Then my 6 year old helped me cut them to the length we wanted (about 12 inches).
 I folded the fabric in half, and held it behind the ribbon.
 Then I brought the ends through the loop…
 and pulled tight.
 That’s it! Make sure your 2 year old tests out his new race track 🙂

Thanks again for stopping by!

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