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we are a dad.
we are a mom.
we are a cute big brother in-training. 
we are the prowse family.
and we are pretty awesome.
we are:
family walks
bike rides
family dinners
beach goers
treasure hunters

we are:
blanket fort experts.
piggy-back ride givers
church attenders
road trippers
we are lots of things
but most importantly 
we are a family.
we are a family waiting
and hoping
and praying 
for our little. 
come find out more about us!
our adoption blog: HERE
our email: blandonandbrinn(at)gmail(dot)com
Isn’t my friend Brinn just a doll? Our husbands served church missions together in Hungary, which is how we know eachother. I first met Brinn about 4 years ago in San Francisco, while our husband’s were selling security systems. What I thought would be a long, hard summer, turned out to be one of my very favorites! The morning Brinn knocked on my apartment door, I knew I’d made a friend. She is awesome. She’s also an amazing photograher, home decorator, swimmer, cook, adventurer, and most importantly, a good friend and mom.
They’re looking to expand their sweet family. If you know of any good leads or resources, please send them her way.
Once upon a time…

I started a blog. This is a tale of my projects, goals, and dreams. Thank you for taking a moment to stop by. I hope you have a beautiful day.

xoxo, Rach H.