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We’ve been in kid crafting mode around here now that school has started up again! I have been slowly working on spiffing up my daughter’s room. It is lime green, and hot and light pink. We add bits and pieces here and there. A fun little project happened last night after I finished cleaning out their fish tank. I let the girls paint the back of the tank! They are all excited because now they think their fish have something fun to look at all day while they are gone.

DecoArt supplied us with awesome glass paint, stencils, and sponge brushes to try out. The stencils stick right to the surface and were really easy to use. Our girls love painting and did a great job!

Here are the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures.

One daughter did pink on her side and the other did purple. It’s just a light, simple change to add a little personality to their room. By the way, we gave our pet tarantula to a friend, and brought these betas home last winter… (the divider is in the tank so they don’t eat each other. haha).

 While the girls were busy painting the fish tank, I played around with the stencils too. I desperately want to get our guest room all set up. My plan is to use all the knick knacks that I’ve collected over the years from traveling and incorporate them into this room. So I grabbed an old plain vase and stenciled on my favorite fleur-de-lis, and placed it next to the owl I bought from a vendor at Notre Dame. I have so many shrines to Paris around my home you’d think I’m an ex-patriot! ha!

I big-time love Deco Art, and have been using their products (mainly acrylic paint) for years! I was excited to try something new, and loved working with them. What makes working with a huge company like them even more fun is when you know their staff personally! I got to meet the amazing Mallie, in April at a blogging conference.
You can check out DecoArt Glass Paint Program if you’re looking for ideas or tips on how to paint glass. Also, Michaels carries the new DecoArt Glass paint line, probably located near all the glassware.
ps- Are you in “kid crafting” mode too? Do you have a post or picture of something you’ve made with your kids? If so, have you linked to my contest with $500 in prizes? Cre8 + 2 = Me and You.
For real, go check it out!
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