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   I am sew excited to introduce my Sewlebrity Crush… 

Lindsay from Southern Lovely!  
In my eyes, she is a “Sewlebrity,” and here’s why I’ve got a “Crush” on her!
 It didn’t take me long to fall in love with Lindsay’s adorable blog and style. She is one of the sweetest bloggers that I’ve “met” and I’m super happy to call her my blogging bud! Not only do I love how she decorates her home, but she’s also got a stash of sewing tutorials that you’ll have to check out!

 Today, she is showing us how to make this incredibly cute Striped Dress. (I totally want to make this, and Lindsay- you look fabulous in this dress)!


  But first, here are a few reasons why I have “fallen in love” with her blog.


Lindsay, thanks for being my Sewlebrity Crush. You rock!

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Now here she is, with her fabulous tutorial!



Hello friends of Rachel’s lovely blog, I am very excited to be a part of this wonderful series.  My name is Lindsay and I blog over at Southern Lovely.  I am a lover of all things DIY, and if I can make it for less than buying, I dive right in. 🙂
Today I am sharing a DIY striped dress.  Last month I made a striped skirt & loved how it fit & looked, but I didn’t love how when I tucked my shirt in, it showed through the skirt & created a bumpy look.  So I decided to try something new with it.
And I came up with this–a striped dress.
Supplies needed–
half yard of each color will do the trick
When done, iron open your seams for a flat, crisp look.
One thing I did different this time around, was attach the elastic band to the open skirt, instead of attaching after I put the skirt together.  Makes for a much cleaner top.
Make two stitch lines on the elastic to connect to the fabric.
Once you are done with that, hem the bottom & iron out all your seams
Then cut the excess off the bottom of the shirt
I used two stitch lines to make it more secure.
 And that my friends, is how you make this striped dress.  Not too hard, right?!
You can see how I placed the seam down the side & tried to line up all the stripes.  You have to be aware of that when you are stitching down the side.
I think my stripe obsession has reached a new level.  At least that is what my husband tells me.
Oh how I love them though. 🙂

Thanks for letting me be a part of this Rachel!
Happy to have any of you stop by sometime!

Sewlebrity Crush is sponsored by the wonderful Fat Quarter Shop.

Stay tuned for a big giveaway on August 1!


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