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I am sew excited to introduce my Sewlebrity Crush…
Jessica from Swenson Love!

 In my eyes, she is a “Sewlebrity,” and here’s why I’ve got a “Crush” on her!

I have really enjoyed Jess’s blog ever since she decided to expand it into the craft/sewing/inspirational blogging world. I actually just bought myself a yard of fabric to try her 10 Minute Boxy dress (see below). A fun fact about Jess- she and I grew up in the same place (South Dakota). Our families were close friends. Jess was also the 3rd place winner from Sew-vivor– she totally rocked it! (I never mentioned our connection, because I didn’t want people to think she was picked because we know each other. I actually had nothing to do with it– 3 out of the 6 judges chose her Big Bow Dress entry as their #1 pick, and I was so thrilled to see her make it into the competition)! I am so delighted to have her back on my blog today- she is so cute, creative, aaaaaand has the best nail polish color!
Today, she is sharing a tutorial on how to make a pin cushion wristband. I want, I need! 🙂

But first, here are a few reasons why I have “fallen in love” with her blog.

Jessica, thanks for being my Sewlebrity Crush. You rock!

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Now here she is, with her fabulous tutorial!


what you will need:
~fabric (i used an all natural cotton)
~three different color thread
~cotton stuffing
~sewing machine 
step one: measure and cut two 4×4 inch squares. 

step two: measure your wrist and then cut the elastic in that measurement. mine was 6 1/4 inches.

step three: have fun with your pretty stitch settings on your sewing machine. i used three different stitches in the different colors.

step four: pin your elastic to the right side of your fabric square. pin the two squares together (right sides faceing each other) and sew all the way around leaving a small opening for turning.

step five: turn and then fill with the fiber fill

step six: sew the small opening closed and then enjoy!

i love having my pin cushion on my wrist while i sew. 
a.) it keeps it out of reach of my toddler. 
b.) i don’t lose it. 
c). its just super cute and i like to be surrounded by cute things! 
thank you so much Rachel for having me today!

Sewlebrity Crush is sponsored by the wonderful Fat Quarter Shop.

Stay tuned for a big giveaway on August 1!

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