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     I am sew excited to introduce my Sewlebrity Crush… 


Andrea from The Train to Crazy!

In my eyes, she is a “Sewlebrity,” and here’s why I’ve got a “Crush” on her!
Oh where do I begin? This girl is a sewing genius! I just adore her projects, and especially the fabrics and colors she chooses. I love how she can take a piece of fabric and turn it into a work of art. She also has a pattern shop called, Go To Patterns, and she has a sweet new blog design. Make sure you check her out, especially her tutorials page, you’ll be sad if you don’t! 🙂  
 Today, she is showing us how to make these stylin’ Sunglasses Cases, complete with her signature gathered awesomeness! 
But first, here are a few reasons why I have “fallen in love” with her blog.
This incredible masterpiece… a Gathered Duvet Cover

Oliver and s bucket hat-4854

Andrea, thanks for being my Sewlebrity Crush. You rock!

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Now here she is, with her fabulous tutorial!


Hello! I’m Andrea from The Train To Crazy and Go To Patterns! I love sewing and am so honored to join this Sewlebrity Crush series. You can usually find me sewing clothes for my kids or myself but I also sew for the house. I recently made a gathered duvet cover and had a bunch of leftover fabric. Using the duvet as inspiration I decided to make sunglasses cases. I love the way they turned out!
First cut your fabric. For the front you’ll need a 6.5″x4.75″ piece of cotton batting and a 10″x6.5″ piece of quilting cotton.
For the back cut a 20″x4.75″ piece of fabric and cut the batting 10.5″x4.75″.
For the lining cut a piece of quilting cotton 16.25″ by 4.75″
You’ll also need a hair elastic and large button.

STEP 1: Gather the front and back pieces of fabric so that they are gathered on the top and bottom of the fabric. The front piece will be gathered as below. The back piece will be gathered so it is now 10.5″ by 4.75″
STEP 2: Baste the front and back pieces to their corresponding batting piece, right side out.
STEP 3: Stitch the hair elastic to the top of the sun glasses case. See photo for location. Make sure you use a small zig zag and stitch across many times. (see photo) Sew button into middle front of front piece.
STEP 4: Stack front and pack pieces together, right sides facing. Sew along sides and bottom ede with a 3/8″ seam allowance. Fold and sew the lining piece. Leave an opening in the side of the lining for turning later.
STEP 5: Stuff the lining and outside together, right sides facing. Pin so that side seams match up. Sew around the opening edges. Make sure not to sew that top opening closed!
STEP 6: Begin to turn right side out. Sew up turning hole.
And you’re done! Voila!

Sewlebrity Crush is sponsored by the wonderful Fat Quarter Shop.

Stay tuned for a big giveaway on August 1!


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