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I am sew excited to introduce my Sewlebrity Crush… 
Kate from See Kate Sew!
  In my eyes, Kate is a “Sewlebrity,” and here’s why I’ve got a “Crush” on her!
 She has an irresistable style. She is so creative and unique. Plus, when you follow her tutorials, you can see how well-versed she is in proper sewing technique. Not only does she have great clothing tutorials, but she also gives great tips in her Sewing 101 series. I discovered her blog through the delightful Ruffles and Pleats Week last year.

Today, she is showing us how to make this sweet “candy colored belt.”

I had the great pleasure of meeting Kate a few months ago at SNAP, a blogging conference. I was so excited that she was there. I knew I wanted to have a chance to get to know her. We got to chat a little bit, and she is every bit as kind and sweet as I thought she would be. It turns out that we even both went to the same college and had the same major, I was just ahead of her by a few years. We had the same sewing professor, and it was fun to reminisce a little about the challenges of our classes! (If Dr. Burnham saw her blog, she would be so proud)!

Here are a few reasons why I have “fallen in love” with Kate’s blog.

Kate, thanks for being my Sewlebrity Crush. You rock!
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Now here she is, with her fabulous tutorial!

This is a super easy sewing project, great for all levels! I made a simple geometric d-ring belt in candy coated colors to add a pop of color and shape to any dress or blouse! I love how it dresses up this plain white dress.

2 colors of broadcloth, about 1/2 yard each
lightweight fusible interfacing
2 large D-rings

Measure your waist and add 8-10 inches to your measurement. Use that as the length of your belt. Then cut a strip 3 inches wide. Angle the end of the belt by cutting out a triangle instead of continuing the straight strip.
Fuse the interfacing to one of the outside fabric pieces.
 Then sew the colored pieces together, right sides together at 1/2″. Leave a 3-4″ opening for turning. Then trim the edges. I like to use pinking shears.
 Turn your belt right sides out.
 Then sew up the opening with a slip stitch.
 Insert your D-rings into on sides and fold over the end 1.5″. Sew it in place.
 That’s it…you’re done! 
Thanks for having me Rachel! 

Sewlebrity Crush is sponsored by the wonderful Fat Quarter Shop.
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