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Does watching the Olympics just make you want to exercise and be in your best physical condition? I want to go run 5 miles just after watching some of the athletes, haha. In honor of celebrating the Olympics, I thought it would be fun to make a traditional English dinner and dessert.
 (Ya know, since the Olympics are being held in London. I actually think I’ll start a tradition of cooking an international, traditional dinner and dessert every time the Olympics come around, based on the country hey are being held. Fun, right)!?
So here’s my Olympics-Inspired English Fruit Trifle.
(whoops, I titled it “berry trifle” in this picture. it should probably be called “fruit trifle since it has pineapple and kiwi)!

 Fruit- I used fruit in the colors of the Olympic Rings.
Blue- blueberries
Yellow- pineapple
Black- blackberries
Green- kiwi
Red- strawberries

Angel Food Cake- In an unrealistic world, I would have made it myself. There is nothing more divine than angel cake made from scratch. I have made several angel cakes on my own. But for some reason, spending a lot of time on a cake that I’m going to cut into pieces didn’t worth it. Maybe next time! So, in my realistic world, mine is store bought.
Filling- My son is allergic to dairy, so I was a little limited in how I made this. I made a vanilla pudding with coconut milk. Then we topped it with whipped cream (all except my son).
1. Make your filling. You could do pudding, fruit glaze, whipped cream, or a more labor intensive sauce (I would google a good recipe).
2. Wash the fruit. Cut the strawberries, kiwi, and pineapple.
3. Cut the angel cake into cubes.
4. Layer it up! Do one layer of fruit, one layer or cake, one layer of filling. Repeat until you’re at the top!

That’s my little 4 year old helping me. She is a fruit fanatic and was beside herself with excitement over this dessert. 🙂

Seriously…. yum!

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