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It’s here! After a 4 year wait, the summer Olympics are finally among us!
We held a Backyard Family Olympics at our house. It was fun to introduce to the kids their first memorable Olympics. We had so much fun, and today I’m sharing a few of the crafts I made!
Gold Medals

I bought all my supplies at Hobby Lobby.
1. Ribbon- I LOVE the stuff I found, not too wide, nice and thick (appx $2 on sale)
2. Paint- I used Deco Art’s Gloss Enamels Metallics in Glorious Gold (appx $2)
3. Pendants- i just went to the jewelry section and was thrilled to find these on 50% off (appx $1.25 each)
1. Place a quarter sized amount of paint onto the pendant.
2. Spread around with your finger until its smooth.
3. Let dry for about 24 hours.
4. Thread the ribbon through it.
*An idea I had after the paint had already dried is that I could have waited until is was somewhat hardened and then used a rubber stamp to make an imprint of my kid’s initials.


1. T-shirts
2. Cardboard (I bought t-shirt forms for a few dollars)
3. Fabric paint
4. Circular shape for tracing

1. Place cardboard in between the front and back layers of the shirt.
2. Trace 5 circles to look like the 5 Olympic rings.
3. Paint them! (Make sure you’ve got the right order- blue, yellow, black, green, red).

There are lots of fun ideas to make a torch on Pinterest. I opted for the easiert method I could think of, which involved items I had around the house already. 🙂

1. Empty paper towel roll
2. Brown spray paint
3. Orange and Yellow tissue paper

1. Spray paint the paper towel roll.
2. Stuff the tissue paper in it!


Pretty self-explanatory, wouldn’t ya say?


I totally forgot to do this idea when we did our backyard family olympics, but I had planned on giving the kids each a bead for every game we completed. Anyway, still a fun little activity to make with your kids- a bracelet with Olympic colored beads!

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