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A few weeks ago, I had some friends over to my house and we made these Patriotic Wood Blocks. It was a really fun way to spend time with friends, and we each made our set of blocks for right around $10.

Here’s a quick tutorial!
Supplies Needed:
3 different sized wood blocks
red, white or ivory, and blue acrylic paint 
water based wood stain
decorative scrapbook paper
other embellishments (like wood stars, vinyl)
mod podge
hot glue gun

*We had our wood cut at Home Depot, and then my darling friend and her husband drilled one hole into the top of the each block.

1. Sand down all the edges and uneven surfaces.

2. Paint your blocks.

3. Rip paper, and mod podge to desired blocks. Then sand the blocks again and lightly stain.

4. Cut about a 1-2 inch piece or rope, and hold in an open flame to singe. Add a little hot glue, and work it into the drilled hole at the top of your block It’s supposed to resemble a firecracker!
5. Then decorate with your remaining items. I used small wood stars and vinyl. The wonderful company, Oh My Crafts, sent me some vinyl for free, to play around with, and this is one of the projects I used it for. I did not use a Silhouette to cut the letters out. I simply printed the letter off my computer using my favorite font, traced them, and free hand cut the letters from the vinyl.
That is it! Here are a few pictures of my friend’s blocks. It was fun to see how everyone did theirs just a little different! I have some creative friends!

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