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 Do you save your bottle caps? Have you ever wondered what to make with your old bottle caps? Well check out this amazing map of the United States that is made from bottle caps. Can you believe it? Now that is a recycling/upcycling project if I have ever seen one!
 I take no credit in the making of this masterpiece. The only thing this map and I have in common is that is belongs to my daughter’s school. And when I walked past it for the first time, I had to do a double-take. Then my heart started pounding, and I almost broke out in the national anthem. (kidding). I am so glad I had my camera with me! It is amazing!
 Can you imagine the fun kids had in collecting all these bottle caps? (And the fun one lucky volunteer must have had drilling all these bottle caps)!
 I tried to get good detailed pictures, in case anyone brave enough ever tries to attempt this!
 I just love this, and had to share with the blogging world. My daughter is pretty lucky to go to such a dedicated school! 🙂

Here’s one last look. You can see how huge it is compared to the wall. Cah-razy!

I’m not entirely sure how this was made, but after seeing it in person, I thought I’d add a few tips from what I observed. 

-I gather that is it all mounted on a sheet of plywood.
-Then somehow they must have projected and traced all the states onto the plywood.
-Then they outlined the states in black.
-Then they painted each state, and the ocean in the corresponding colors of the caps.
-Then they drilled each cap, with a short screw, I am guessing.
-Last, students made labels for each state.

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