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Yesterday while I was sewing a skirt, I got a little carried away…
And here’s what happened!

*for a split second I almost considered chopping off my hair with a rotary cutter. haha, that would be a disaster!

Want to play along? There is one week left!
Link up your own self portrait and you might win a prize from Pick Your Plum!
1st prize: $75 Plum Box . 2nd Prize: $50 Plum Box . 3rd prize: $25 Plum Box.

Here’s how to link up:

You just need to copy the URL from where your picture is located (blogs, fb, instagram, etc are welcome – use hashtag #picturemedomestic)! Then you’ll click the blue “Add your link ” button below, and follow the prompts. You’ll paste your URL, then title your picture, your email, and choose a thumbnail. The winners will be announced May 30. 
Check out my friend’s self portraits! 
The Letter 4, It’s Overflowing, and Delia Creates (she has a post full of great tips for taking self-portraits)!

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