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I recently participated in a contest with Homes.com that inspired me to reflect on what Spring means to me. So here are a few of my goals, plus a fun printable for the upcoming spring/summer season. 
But first, here is the interview I did with them when I was at SNAP!

This summer is my oldest daughter’s last few months at home before she takes on the world and enters all day school next year. So my main dream and wish is to create a summer filled with wonderful memories and lots of quality time spent together. I also have a lot of projects around the house that I would like to accomplish, so I will need to be very organized and maintain somewhat of a schedule to make it all happen.   During the day, our schedule will look something like this:

Summer Fun

Summer Fun- Blank

I hope you have some fun summer things planned! Feel free to use these
printables to help you get all organized. I always find that it’s always
better to have a plan, even if you don’t always follow it. At least
there’s a little direction in your day, and always something to look
forward to! I just ask that you please follow my blog before downloading, thanks!

There are about 5 main goals I have for summer projects, that I will probably work on in the evenings. 1. I plan to finish up my master bedroom. I still need to refinish the furniture, build a headboard, and sew pillows and curtains.
  2. Another year for gardening, I am so excited! Last year was my first garden, and it brought so many memories and good meals! I love tomatoes, basil, sunflowers the most! Read all about my gardening tips here.

 3. I am going to improve my photography skills, and will be using this book as my guide. I am going to practice taking pictures of my garden, yard, inside my home, food, etc. Basically, things that don’t move, until I am ready for that next step.

4.  I am sewing a quilt for my living room, using this fabric:

5. I have a few other projects to do, mainly involving sewing :)(things like making doll clothes with my kids, making a few outfits for our family pictures, and making some advents for upcoming holidays)

Also, amidst all the running around and projects, I plan to JUST BE. I got a hammock for my birthday, and I am definitely going to relax a bit this summer, snuggling my kids, reading books to them, taking a little snooze under the tree.

So what are your dreams and goals this spring/summer?

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I started a blog. This is a tale of my projects, goals, and dreams. Thank you for taking a moment to stop by. I hope you have a beautiful day.

xoxo, Rach H.