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I was recently contacted by a group of students from Harvard, who have started a new business called, Bundle of Joy. They chose my blog to examine how working with bloggers can help the marketing of their business. I was lucky to receive one bundle to review, and another bundle to give away, so I hope you’ll take a minute to enter this ah-mazing giveaway!
Bundle of Joy offers “bundles” filled with high-end luxury cosmetic items, to pamper moms or moms-to-be. The bundles are the perfect gift for yourself, an expectant mom you know, or Mother’s Day!
I was super excited to dig into my perfectly packaged little bundle of joy!
(It arrived on my doorstep just 2 days after the company contacted me; yay for good customer service)!
I received the BOUNTIFUL BUNDLE, an eclectic collection of 7 luxurious items, valued at $115! (The purchase price is $85, so if purchasing, you’d save $30). This is the most expensive- and luxurious- bundle to choose from, but there are other great bundles available too.
(Oh, and by the way, I am not pregnant! I do have 3 little kids though. All of the product I received I can still use on my post-pregnant body. Or I can save for when I am pregnant again, or share with someone. So my point is- you don’t have to be pregnant to enjoy this bundle).
So here’s what’s inside, and here are my thoughts:

 1. L’Occitane Hand Cream (hand lotion)
You had me at “Made in France.” This stuff smells so natural and creamy. One of my favorite items. LOVE.

 2. Bliss Foot Patrol (foot lotion)
There’s an old wive’s tale that says massaging a pregnant woman’s feet can induce labor (although I don’t believe it, haha). But anyway, they were smart for including this in the bundle. It is sensational, and minty, which makes my feet tingle. I love it. Too bad my husband isn’t here to rub it on my feet, hahaha.

 3. Caudalie Vine Body Butter (body lotion)
Made of natural ingredients, including grape seeds and shea butter, I think this would be the perfect lotion to rub on your tummy and legs, pre and post pregnancy, to help with those stretch marks. It’s also extremely hydrating. It smells citrus-y and divine. The only thing I don’t love is the picture on the front, lol.

4. Philosophy Purity (facewash)
I washed my face with this last night, and loved it. Infused with sage, chamomile, and carrot, it has a lovely smell. I could have massaged my face for another 5 minutes!

5. Caudalie Lip Conditioner (lip balm)
I crave a good lip balm (so does every other girl I know)! This was simple, natural, and extremely satisfying on my lips!

6. Scharffen Berger Chocolate Bar
I am a loyal connoisseur of fine chocolates. I especially love dark chocolate. I received mocha, which isn’t my favorite flavor. So that is my only recommendation to Bundle of Joy– to include more universally liked flavors! But the idea of including a chocolate bar is absolutely perfect!
*Update 5/3: Customer Service over at Bundle of Joy saw my comment about the mocha flavor. They contacted me today, and told me that they are sending a different flavored candy bar. I cannot believe that! What wonderful customer service!!! They also said they would be sure to include flavors in the bundles they think most anyone will enjoy. Love it, good job Bundle of Joy!

7. Teapigs Chamomile Flowers: Dream On (Herbal Tea)
This herbal tea is just lovely. The tea bags include whole, dried flowers. It is not that icky, dusty kind. I am a huge fan.

This is my idea of a perfect evening… a lovely cup of herbal tea, a decadent chocolate bar, lathered in all the amazing products I just described, feet kicked up and wrapped in a blanket with a good book! Thank you so much Bundle of Joy, for letting me try one of your amazing bundles. I would highly recommend this bundle to any woman, pregnant or not! It is wonderful, and is such an incredible treat! LOVE IT!
When I shop for cosmetic products, I always look for 2 main things- products that smell good, and are not filled with weird chemicals. I felt that each product included in my bundle smelled amazing, and had a very natural feel and ingredients list. Whoever chose the products to include in the bundle did a great job!!!
 Are you excited for a chance to win your own Bountiful Bundle?

One Bountiful Bundle to one lucky reader.
*You may have it mailed to someone as a gift if you’d like (U.S. resident only).

*Please become a follower of my blog before you enter.
Visit Bundle of Joy, then leave a comment telling me your favorite bundle and why you want it or who you’d give it to!
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