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How to throw a Ballet Themed Birthday Party:
I recently put together a ballet birthday party for my 2 daughters. We rented their ballet studio on a Saturday afternoon for $10 an hour! Can you believe that? Today I’m going to share a few decorations, printables, and party ideas. First, here’s a glance at some pictures!

(a picture of my sister and I as kids)

Wreath Tutorials:
For the longest time, I’ve had all of my pointe shoes sitting in a pile in my hope chest. I’ve always wanted to decorate with them some how. So I decided to incorporate them into the decor. I used two pairs of my shoes to drape over the wreaths that I made. I think these wreaths will look really cute in my girls bedroom!

The first wreath was quite simple. Just spray paint a twig wreath, then add sprigs of silver!

The tutu wreath was easy too. Here’s how I did it:

I covered a straw wreath in pink ribbon.
Then I cut strips of tulle, about 16 inches long. They were from a spool, so I didn’t need to measure the width. I tied them into a double knot around the wreath. I did 10 pink pieces, then 5 white pieces all the way around.
Ta-Da! I LOVE how it resembles a tutu. Then I wrapped my old point shoes around the top.

Birthday Banner Tutorial:
I recently got a Silhouette Cameo, but I haven’t figured out how to use it yet. So I decided that I could still make a fun banner without it. Here’s how.

I printed one very large letter on a piece of computer paper. I enlarged the font as high as it would go. I’m obsessed with the font, My Own Topher. It’s a free download if you google it. Then I cut the letter off the computer paper, and placed it on the pink paper for the banner.

I cut all my letters out in this manner. (It was more time consuming than using a Silhouette, but I didn’t have the energy to figure it out)! I also cut out some triangles, and made some paper fan medallions.
Then I took an ink pad to the edges of the letters and triangles, to give it a little more dimension.
I hot glued everything together, hole punched the triangles, and tied them together with tulle.

Rice Krispie Treat Cake and Cupcakes Tutorial:
Since we didn’t have the party at our house, I knew I wouldn’t be bringing ice cream to go with a cake, and I knew I didn’t want to deal with all the cake crumbs. So, I came up with an easy no-mess solution… a rice krispie treat cake and cupcakes!
It couldn’t have been easier… I made a few batches of rice krispie treats and added pink food coloring and sprinkles. Then I simply put the treats into greased cake pans and cupcake tins.
The cake was 2 layers. I added frosting in between the layers.
Then frosted the top.
I made ballet shoes out of rice krispie treats to go on top.
Then I decorated them the best I could in 5 minutes 🙂 Here’s the progress.
So easy, minimal clean up, and the kids were super happy!
Party Ideas and Activities:
Here is what we did….
-Danced to music!
-Played Ballerina Says
-Played Duck, Duck, Goose (or Ballet, Ballet, Tap!)
Other ideas I had planned but ran out of time for…
-Pin the Tutu on Angelina (I found a cute printable here, and enlarged it)
-Decorate birthday crowns/hats
-I brought a bunch of glitter makeup to put on all the kids, but I forgot!

Tip: We ate our food on the floor. I brought several plastic table cloths for the kids to sit on. When they were done eating, we wrapped the table cloths us and threw them away! Easiest clean up ever. 🙂
The theme of the party was “Dance with your heart and your feet will follow.” I remember dancing to a song with these lyrics when I was a little girl! So I made printables using these lyrics.
Gift Bag Tops- cut, fold in half, and staple over gift bag
Water Bottle Wrapper
Ballet Sign- just fold in half

Blank Tags- can be used as name tags or food
Blank Tags Pink
Cupcake Toppers
I recently posted this on Tatertots and Jello as a guest post. 🙂
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