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As reality shows go, we had a surprise twist with choosing our final contestants for this round. Instead of only choosing one contestant to get immunity, our guest judge was given a certain amount of points to award to her top 3 favorites. Before we get to the results, I’d like to introduce you to our guest judge, Katy from No Big Dill.
Katy’s blog is one of my very favorite sewing blogs. She has a knack for sewing and creativity unlike any other blog I’ve seen. In her words, “I started sewing as far back as I can remember, with a needle and thread in my hands.  I always wanted to go to design school, but designed some pretty fantastic kids instead.  Mrs. Price was my sewing teacher in High School who really gave me some great skills to start with and that’s when I really fell in love with my sewing machine and it became a passion.”

One of my favorite things she’s made is this dress:

The theme for this week was to “Sew for Charity.” The contestants were free to take this as far as they wanted. They each interpreted this special challenge differently. It was touching to see what they created to share with others.

Here are the results:

  CONTESTANT #1: Miranda from One Little Minute
CONTESTANT #4: Jen from I Can’t Stop Crafting
 CONTESTANT #5: Jessica from Swenson Love

CONTESTANT #6: Kirstin from Kojo Designs
It was really, really hard to say goodbye to these ladies, who worked so hard, and had amazing, amazing projects. Thank you Shannon and Renee for sharing your hard work and talent on Sew-vivor.

CONTESTANT #2: Shannon from Googiemomma


CONTESTANT #3: Renee from Hill Yeah

 So here’s how all the details played out.

Katy had 75, 50, and 25 points to award to her favorite top 3. Those points were then added to the score of the poll results. Here are the 3 projects she awarded points to:
Jessica: 75
Renee: 50

Shannon: 25
with Kirstin getting immunity
So that means the final poll results are:
Miranda: 285
Shannon: 149+25= 174
Renee: 224+50= 274
Jen: 289
Jessica: 266+75=341
Kirstin: 281

Stay tuned for next week, the last round of competition.

Our contestants will be creating anything of their choice, as long as it involves pleats!

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