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Today is the big day that we announce the SEW-VIVOR TOP 10! If you followed along on my facebook page last night, then you saw all the teasers, clues and hints I was giving you! Well, I’ll leave you in suspense no longer.  
Right after I thank our amazing board of judges! 
Each of our judges are talented and creative seamstresses themselves, so I asked each judge to send a link to their very favorite project they’ve ever sewn. Here they are:

Spring Sweater Refashion by Jen at Tatertots and Jello

They had a really big job of choosing only 10 out of 188 entries! I am grateful I wasn’t ultimately responsible for choosing the Top 10! The way our contestants were chosen… each judge based their picks on creativity, good color sense, pleasing design aesthetic, and demonstrated sewing ability and quality, and pure awesomeness. Then they chose their favorite top ten projects, and highlighted their very favorite. Their top picks automatically made it, and the rest were chosen based on what projects were voted on more than once by different judges. Believe me, this was very difficult!

Here we go……………….

Drum roll please……………………………

These are the Top 10 contestants who will compete to be our Sew-vivor Champion! 
Everything Bag by Kojo Designs

Contestants, congratulations!!! I’m sew excited about having each you in participate in Sew-vivor Season 1! Please leave your email in the comments. I’ll be sending you an email sometime today!
I want to take a moment to tell the remaining 178 entrants– THANK YOU! I know it takes a lot of guts to enter a competition like this. Last fall I entered a huge crafting competition on a great blog, and I was told I missed it by one vote! I was so bummed out, so I know how it feels! (But at least I could breathe a sigh of relief)! I hope you’ll follow the competition, and consider entering again for Season 2! I personally looked at each and every project, and I just cannot believe all the amazing projects that were entered. I mean it, I wish we could have picked a few more. I think we need to begin Season 2 with a Top 20!

Here are a few of my favorite honorable mentions:

 Chevron Trench Coat by Technology and Tutus

Chevron Trench Coat

Dreamy Dress by Feather’s Flights

 Rapunzel Costume from Scout’s Stitches

Ruby Market Tote by Clover and Violet

Diaper Bag by Quaint and Quirky

No Pattern Dress by Grits and Giggles

Pennant Dress by Sunny Tuesday

Les Chaussons d’Eolune by PapelHilo
(the cutest blog en francais)!!!

Dandelion Dress by Sew Country Chick

Sea To Shining Sea Map by Create Studio

Anthro Bedding Knock Off by The Turquoise Piano

Mod Cloth Knock Off my Kaleidoscope of Colors

Tea Length Chloe Dress by Create.Craft.Love

Memory Quilt by Jedi Craft Girl

Daughter’s Flower Quilt by We Love Being Moms!

West Elm Pillow Knock off by The Little Waffleflower

Teal Petal Dress by RisC Handmade

Junebug Dress by Pinafores and Pinwheels

Mountain Laurel Dress by Melly Sews

Little Boy’s Coat by Sally Duffin

3 Little Birds Quilt by Why Not Sew?

Lisa and Corduroy by Bybido

4th of July Dress by Frilly Silly Kids


Spring Frock by Jani Jo

Honolulu Bag by a.Amelia handmade

Color Wheel Quilt by Ellison Quilts


Scrappy Owl Pillows by The Eternal Thread

 Shwe Shwe Bed Scarf by Hating Martha

Fresh Flowers Quilt by 28 Peppermint Grove

Baby Blessing Gown by Love It Sew Much

Pretty in Pink Dress by Sewing Box

Small Sailor by Karamino

Painted Jacket by Liza Jane Sews

Cowboy Table Runner by Makin it Domestic

Be sure to check out these sites for a lot of amazing inspiration!


Every week, there will be a guest judge who chooses her favorite project to get “immunity.” (It’s like that on Survivor)! That means that even if that project receives the lowest number of votes, they cannot be voted off. 

I’m super excited to announce the guest judges right now! We’ll get to know them more when it’s their week to judge!

Week 1: Mandy from Sugar Bee Crafts
Week 2: Heather from The Sewing Loft

Week 3: Katy from No Big Dill
Week 4: Surprise TBA

OK, here’s what you can expect for the rest of Sew-vivor…
We’re giving the contestants time to prep during the rest of March.
March 14: Giveaway (from Fabric Envy)
March 21: Giveaway (from The Ribbon Retreat)
March 28: Giveaway (from Raspberry Creek Fabrics)
April 4: 1st Round of Competition
April 6: Top 8 announced
April 11: 2nd Round of Competition
April 13: Top 5 announced
April 18: 3rd Round of Competition
April 20: Top 3 announced
April 25: 4th and Final Round of Competition
April 27: Winners announced!
May 2: Bonus Giveaway (From Riley Blake Designs)

Remember, Sew-vivor takes place every Wednesday.

VOTING: The polls will be open every Wednesday from 6am-midnight. Contestants will be informed that night, so they can get to work on their next project. The announcement will be made on my blog that Friday.

***Note for Week 1: The tutorial that you’re planning to use as your inspiration must be a sewing tutorial from the judge herself, or an all-out guest post by someone else, found on the judge’s blog. It can’t be a feature or a shout out, it must be a full tutorial. Remember to bookmark the link, as you need to cite your source, and I’ll be mentioning the link! Please email if you have any further questions!

These buttons were created by my crazy talented friend Jamie, from The Letter 4 blog! Any one is welcome to post one of your blog!

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<a border=”0″ href=”http://www.familyeverafterblog.com” target=”_blank”><img src=http://i1219.photobucket.com/albums/dd436/familyeverafter/Sew-vivor/sewvivorPARTICIPATING.png></a>

<a border=”0″ href=”http://www.familyeverafterblog.com” target=”_blank”><img src=http://i1219.photobucket.com/albums/dd436/familyeverafter/Sew-vivor/sewvivorTOP10.png></a>


Once again, a great big thank you goes out to these amazing sponsors! It is because of these sponsors that the competition had such a good turnout. Click on their button to visit their shops! Take note: Many of these companies will offer a discount code to their online shops at the end of Sew-vivor on April 27.

The total amount of prizes on the line comes to nearly $900!

1st Place: 

2nd Place:

3rd Place:


-You may use patterns and online tutorials for your projects. When you post your projects on your blog or flickr, you’ll need to cite your sources. 
-If you create your own pattern, we’d love to see a tutorial in pictures! Readers LOVE tutorials!
-Keep good photography in mind. Since the only impression we get of your projects are via photos, try hard to give us some good eye candy! 
-You’ll need to email me ONE picture of your project by 6pm Tuesday nights (the first one is due April 3). You’ll find out if you advance to the next round via email when the polls close at midnight each Wednesday. Your next photo is due again the following Tuesday by 6pm. Your photo should have no text, and needs to be included as an email attachment.
-Don’t forget to leave your email in the comments.

Once upon a time…

I started a blog. This is a tale of my projects, goals, and dreams. Thank you for taking a moment to stop by. I hope you have a beautiful day.

xoxo, Rach H.