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The Pioneer Woman was recently in my neck of the woods. One of my best friends/next door neighbor and I made plans to go and visit her, and it was so fun!!
I think I was blabbing her ear off so much about her peppercorn steak and spicy shrimp that I made for Christmas, that she couldn’t quite focus on signing my book!
Even though our time was brief, it was so much fun meeting her, and she was so incredibly nice! I scribbled my blog address on a post it note. She happily took it, so we’ll see if she ever stops by around here 🙂 That would be insane!
While we were waiting in line, we were standing next to a gal who was a winner of the Bush’s Baked Beans cooking contest on The Pioneer Woman last summer. It was so fun hearing about her prize– a weekend spent at the ranch in Oklahoma. Wouldn’t it be so incredible having Ree cook for you, and show you around the ranch? I would have so many questions for her, that would seriously be a dream come true! (ps- Stacy, if you are reading this, email me! I took pictures of you)!
I believe that God blesses us all with different skills and talent. I’m a gracious recipient of Ree’s talents… I have been so inspired by her photography, recipes, wit, and stories. She does everything with such grace and charm. I am so grateful to her for what she has shared.
I had such a fun night out with Meredith. She’ll probably never know how much she means to me, but I just love her. I am so very blessed to have her as a next door neighbor!
We were pleasantly surprised to see the Marlboro Man at the book signing too! I think its so sweet that they make this a family affair.
He was the nicest cowboy I’ve ever met!
I’m so lucky to have a cowboy of my own. I can’t resist sharing these pictures of my cowboy Troy!

How about you… 
Have you ever had the pleasure of meeting the Pioneer Woman?
How about anyone else famous or famous-ish?

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