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Happy President’s Day weekend!
I have a sister (the one who guest posted about her experience cooking a live lobster) who lives in Boston. A while ago, our family went on a little trip to visit. We LOVED Boston.
Well, for the most part. There was one encounter with the rudest people I have ever met. They had us kicked out of a very expensive steak house for having our kids there… even when we had called ahead to make sure it was alright to bring kids, who weren’t even misbehaving! But we won’t talk about that. There were plenty of nice people in Boston, although I can see why certain Bostonians have a bad rep for being rude!
Boston. What an incredible city. So full of history. 
I wish I knew enough history to give you a mini tour via my blog. You kind of have to visit in person to truly experience it. 
What I love about going to big cities is taking pictures of all the little things. So here are a few of my favorite {little} things about Boston, from a tourist’s point of view!
The Boston Public Gardens-
We went there on a gorgeous day. If you ever go there you have to find the little brass ducks and take pictures with your kids sitting on them!
Harvard Square-
My sister pointed out all the old men who play chess outside.
Our tour of Harvard was amazing, I did a separate post all about it!
Freedom Trail-
You can take guided tours of the city. The duck tour looked really cool (where they drive you around in a boat)! There are walking tours also. We opted to follow the Freedom Trail on our own, learning as much as we could from reading the signs. But I’ve heard that the guided tours are well worth the money.

The Boston Commons-
Today it is a big city park. But when you learn about all the events that have taken place there, and you are standing right there, it is just really amazing. This is a place that was used as a camp around the Revolutionary War. Public hanging used to take place here. Martin Luther King and the Pope have given speeches there.

Granary Cemetary-
Have you ever seen where Paul Revere is buried? I have! Well, at least I think so. People probably don’t know for sure since its speculated that bodies were buried on top of bodies, or dug up and moved around a lot. But here is his headstone.
The cemetary was absolutely fascinating, and a very reverent place to be.
I had to take a picture of the skull and crossbones. I think they made headstones like that to keep the evil spirits away and protect the dead.

The Old State House-
It was so interesting to me how such a historical, important building, and piece of America’s history, sits right in the heart of downtown Boston, surrounded by other larger buildings.
The Boston Massacre took place just outside the Statehouse. We toured the inside, which is a museum. This is a depiction of the massacre, as illustrated by Paul Revere.
A remnant from the Boston Tea Party.

The Boston Marathon-
Just kidding. I saw this race and hoped it was the Boston Marathon. But it was just a little 5k. How cool would it be to watch the real marathon?
Random Things-
Do you love Parker House rolls? Yeah, us too!
We witnessed this protest. I won’t get into politics, but we thought it was pretty ridiculous!
We ate at the “Oldest Restaurant in America.” It was really fun, and really good. I would recommend it!
We enjoyed walking around the Harbor at night, looking at all the sailboats.
I could not get over all the Dunkin Donuts, on every street corner! It’s like the Starbucks of the east! LOL
My sis told me that the movie “21” was filmed here.
The underground transportation is called the T. For some reason I love riding the subway! It’s like a whole different city down there.

We took a day trip and drove out to Salem. We all loved it. We learned a lot about the witch trials and what really happened. We thought it might be too scary for the kids, but there were fine.
We saw a live production of the trials. Spooky.

Salem is right next to the ocean, so we took a little pit stop for lunch and enjoyed the coast.

There is just so much to see in New England. Someday I want to take a whole year and just explore each little town. Ours was a quick trip, but on our way home we were able to stop at Niagra Falls, a church site that is very dear to my heart, and I snapped a picture of Scranton, PA (we are big Office fans)!

The end.
Have you ever been to Boston?
I want to go back someday… what did I miss?

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