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Sor…. whor woould write een a New Ziland accint on their blog, i have nar idear. I’m in a rilly random mood right now, so skeep this paragraph if you don’t heev enough braiyn powa to translyate in your hed. Weer gonna pritend that sew-vivor is takin place in New Ziland. just picta eet. A bunch of seamstresses dukin’ it out on an island with their sewring machines. Haha peerfect! Wayt…. whor woould dor that thoughr?! harharhar!

Every once in a while I’ve gotta let out my crazy side on my blog. 🙂 
If you’re here for the first time, welcome! I am organizing a sewing competition. Last week I announced the judges and timeline. Today I am outlining all the entry rules, competition rules, and weekly challenge themes.

If you have questions, or if there are any details I haven’t thought of, please write them kindly in a comment. I will address them all, and post an update of all the rules on FEB 1, when entries begin.


–Enter: Feb 1- Feb 29
–Entries close Feb 29, midnight PST 
–Top 10 announced March 7, 8am EST 
–Competition Projects unveiled every Wednesday in April, 8am EST
–Results announced every Friday, 8am EST
–Sew-vivor Champions announced April 27, 8am EST


–Enter ONE sewing project, new or old. It must be made by YOU. It does not have have to be your original idea or tutorial, and it doesn’t matter if it was made with or without a pattern. Machine and handsewing count. Crocheting and knitting do not. Be sure it is a representation of you, your sewing skills, and your creativity!
–Entries will be accepted in the form of a link party. (see here for an example of a link party)
–You can link your entry from your Blog or from your Flickr account.
–The Top 10 will be chosen by the Sew-vivor judges. Judges will email me their Top 15 picks, and I will tally up and average everything. 
–Big Tip: Take the very best pictures of your projects that you can! Besides your sewing skills and creativity, presentation will play a big role in a competition like this!
–I really hate to say this, but you must be a US citizen (or at least have a US shipping address) to enter. This is because the prize sponsors are only able to ship to a US address. Thanks for understanding!
–If you have a blog, please post a Sew-vivor button on your sidebar!
–To enter, you must be a follower of Family Ever After via Facebook and RSS.


–Voting for the TOP 10 will be open from Wednesday 8am-Thursday midnight EST. The “audience” (readers) will vote by poll.
–Projects will be unveiled anonymously every Wednesday. That means I will not link the picture of your project to your Blog or Flickr during the voting period. Each project will be numbered in random order. (I think this will be really exciting, and will not unfairly sway the vote. YES, you are welcome to promote your project on your own blogs/facebook pages/flickr accounts/in person. Tell all your fans to come vote for you on Sew-vivor! They’ll know which project is yours).
–Every week, there will be a guest judge who chooses her favorite project to get “immunity.” (It’s like that on Survivor)! That means that even if that project receives the lowest number of votes, they cannot be voted off. 
–Elimination Process: 
Week 1- Top 10 
Week 2- Top 8
Week 3- Top 5

Week 4- Top 3

–Remember, to enter the contest in February, you can enter anything you’ve ever sewn before, or you can make something special just to enter. Anything goes, as long as its been made by you. 
–The following weekly challenges are only for the Top 10 who are chosen to compete in the actual competition in April. (They will be picked by the 6 judges and announced on March 7). Nobody really needs to worry about these weekly themes quite yet, but I wanted to put them out there so you would know what the competition will entail so you can decide if this contest is right for you or not. 
–Of course, if you think that you’ve got a good chance of making it into the Top 10, you are welcome to go ahead and get a head start working on projects for the following themes for the 4 weeks of competition challenges at your own risk! I am not responsible if you make a project but do not make it to the Top 10! All projects submitted for the 4 weeks of competition cannot have been made any sooner than January 19, 2012. Do not reveal them on your blog/flickr/facebook until they are revealed on Sew-vivor.

–Contestants: You may use patterns and online tutorials for your projects. When you post your projects on your blog or flickr, you’ll need to cite your sources. If you create your own pattern, we’d love to see the tutorial in pictures!

Are you excited yet? Did anyone get butterflies? (I totally get butterflies when I consider entering stuff like this)!
My final word for now……
Do not be intimidated! This competition is for beginning and experienced seamstresses! I am giving you all the rules and themes today so you have time to mull it over. I want this to be easy and fun for you, but also a challenge! If you’re undecided about entering…. consider several things. This is a fantastic opportunity to set a few personal goals and really challenge yourself. If you have a blog, this could really bring in some great traffic for you! And don’t forget, there will be prizes on the line. 

Also… especially since this is the first season…

Tune in next Wednesday…. 
I am revealing the PRIZES AND SPONSORS!!!!!!!!

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