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I like to leave the Christmas Cards we receive up on my wall until about the end of January. I love looking at them! But when its time to take them down, I never have the heart to throw them away. My mom has the best idea of storing all the cards and newsletters. It’s really simple: get a 3 ring binder, make a cover sheet, punch holes in your cards, and file them!

I actually just saw this idea on I Heart Naptime, funny how good ideas show up on blogs around the same time. She puts all her cards in sheet protectors, which is a good idea too. I have adopted my mom’s idea, and I keep it extra simple (and cheap) without extra sheet protectors or extra pages. I don’t mind punching holes into the cards.

I’m still home for the holidays, so my blogging is still sporadic, but stay tuned for next Wednesday… I’ll be unveiling the first part of my big announcement!

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