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I’ve decided to make French dinner crepes (aka galettes complete) our Traditional Family Dinner for Valentines Day.

I studied abroad in Paris for a semester of college. My friends and I craved these delicious, cheap crepes for a quick dinner. There was a certain vendor who we preferred, very close to Hotel de Ville. When we returned home from France, we still craved these, so we did a little research to come up with our closest recipe. The ingredients are simple and cheap, and take me back to those lovely days in no time…

A few notes:

*Click here for my French dessert crepes!
*If you want to print this recipe, there is a print icon at the bottom of the post.
*If I’ve misspelled or missed anything… Please pardon my French!

Dinner Crepes

Galette Complete des oeufs, du jambon, et du fromage~
Crepe Batter:
4 eggs
1 cup milk
2 TB butter, melted
1 cup buckwheat flour
(I sometimes use whole wheat flour instead)
2 TB sugar
dash of salt
egg (one for each galette)
cheese (a few sprinkles for each galette)
ham, cubed

In a blender… add eggs and beat lightly. Add the remaining ingredients and beat for 1 minute. Lightly butter or spray a crepe pan or shallow frying pan. Heat over medium high heat. Add a small amount of batter to hot pan and swirl to coat. Cook until batter loses its shine. Flip to cook other side.

Immediately turn heat to low, crack an egg right on top and lightly beat with a fork. Let cook. (Once the egg is set, I flip the crepe over for about 30 seconds, to make sure the egg cooks all the way. Then I flip it back over to…) Add cheese and ham. As soon as cheese melts, crepe is ready. Season with salt and pepper and fold into thirds.

Here’s a few more pictures of the process:

The ingredients…. This a is GREAT way to use up leftover ham.
My crazy husband loves these with jalapenos in them! (not very french-y, is it? haha)

Crack the egg right on top of the crepe. Lightly beat.

Sprinkle cheese, let melt.

Add ham, salt and pepper.

Read more about a Galette Complete here.

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