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This was a guest post at Everything Under the Moon.
I’m going to show you these fun, festive little earrings that I made last weekend to wear at the Ugly Sweater Christmas Party we had at our house. They only took a few minutes to make, were very cheap, and easy! This could make a simple gift for a neighbor or friend.
Supply List:
Scrapbooking brads or buttons (I found Santa hats)
Earring posts
Wire cutters
Hot glue gun and glue

1. Bend the back of the brads backward, and snip them off with your wire cutters.
Like so…
2. Hot glue the posts to the back of the brad. I’ve tried other types of glue, but I like hot glue the best.
3. You’re done! That’s the easiest tutorial I’ve ever come up with!
Ta da!
Here we are at our Ugly Sweater party… we both look really tired! haha. You can’t see the earrings, but they did add a fun– and extremely cheap– touch to my fabulous sweater ensemble.
Once upon a time…

I started a blog. This is a tale of my projects, goals, and dreams. Thank you for taking a moment to stop by. I hope you have a beautiful day.

xoxo, Rach H.