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Hey friends! Today I’m guest posting this hairbow tutorial over on My Yellow Sandbox.
Have you been to that blog yet? Abby is the girl behind it all… she’s become well known for her gorgeous hair and really fun hair tutorials. You’ll love all the gorgeousness you see over there! 
That’s why I thought I’d share this how-to on making a hair bow.

*Update: If you make any hair bows from this tutorial, I would LOVE to see them! You can link them up on my page dedicated to your projects, using one of my tutorials.
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Here are the supplies you’ll need:
–needle and thread (preferably upholstery thread)
–rubber thimble (optional)
–rulers (i use varying widths… 2 inches, 2.5 inches, 3 inches, etc. you can buy these plastic rulers at the craft store, or make your own by cutting cardboard and winding clear packing tape around it)
–glue gun
–candle and matches
–hardware (clips and carpet tape)

Step 1: Tape end of ribbon to your ruler.

Step 2: Wrap it around the ruler 3 times, and tape the edges to ruler. (You’ll see 3 rows of ribbon on top and 2 rows of ribbon on the bottom).
Step 3: Find the center of the ruler, and start hand sewing through each ribbon. Point in the direction of the edge of the ruler. Double your thread, but you don’t need to tie a knot at the end.
Step 4: After you’ve sewn through all 3 rows of ribbon, pull your thread, leave a bout 2 inches of a thread tail.
Step 5: Flip the ruler over, and sew up the back. There are only 2 rows of ribbon to get through. Make sure your needle is pointing in the direction away from the ruler’s edge.
Step 6: Sewing is done. Leave a tail of thread about 2 inches.
Another view.
Step 7: Remove the tape.
Step 8: Slide the ribbon off the ruler.
Step 9: Grab both ends of the thread.
Step 10: Cinch the ribbon down.
Step 11: Cool huh?! Tie a double knot.
Step 12: Repeat process with accent ribbon if desired, in a smaller size.
Step 13: Place smaller bow on top and glue the bows together.
Step 14: Glue an embellishment to the center of your bow.
You could also tie a boutique knot (a simple loose knot) and glue it to the center of your bow.
 Step 15: Choose the type of clip that you’ll be hotglueing to the back of the bow. You basically have 2 choices, a french barrette or an alligator clip. If you use an alligator clip, you’ll want to glue a piece of carpet tape the the top side (not the side that is straight). Cut a small piece from a roll of carpet tape.
I bought this at Target for a few dollars, and I’m sure its more than enough to last a lifetime, plus share with my friends! This prevents the clip from slipping out of your daughter’s hair.
The side where I glue the tape is the TOP. This picture makes it look like the bottom, whoops.
Step 16: Now glue the clip to the bow!
Step 17: For the finishing touch,you’re going to melt the raw edges of the ribbon so they won’t fray in the future. This is the key to making a professional looking bow. Note: I’ve found that most ribbon is made of synthetic fiber (polyester, for example), which melts very well. But once or twice, I had ribbon made from cotton, which totally burned and smoked, and doesn’t melt. So, if its a natural fiber, don’t attempt to melt it. Read the spool of ribbon to see it’s content.
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