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This is the full post I wrote for The Letter 4’s Ultimate Halloween Party last Friday.
You can link your Halloween projects to the link party here!

I call this “A Ghost Post.”
Here are 7 ghost activities and crafts
that my little ghouls girls and I have done this Halloween season.
All these activities were made with things that I already had laying around the house,
and you might too!
These are fun, easy, and best of all, inexpensive ideas to do if you’ll be hosting a Halloween party this year!

Activity 1:

To make this, all you need is a lollipop, a tissue, a piece of ribbon, and a black felt marker. Tie the tissue over the lollipop, color a ghost face, and give this treat to your favorite little ghoul.

Activity 2:

 A surprise peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Just use a cookie cutter, then I used peppercorns as eyes for presentation, and fed the scraps to my one year old who is too young to care 🙂

Activity 3:

All you need is marshmallows, a mug of hot chocolate, and black food coloring. Mmmm!

Activity 4:

My 3 year old had such a fun time making this!
I free handed the ghost shape onto a piece of white cardstock.
She spread some glue with a q-tip, then added the cotton balls.
I cut the mouth out of a piece of junk mail that had a black section.
Then we added the googly eyes. Easy!

Activity 5:

As I was going through my craft stash, I found some glitter (yay!) and knew that we could make something ghostly and glam…. these were so fun, and are way cuter in person! The steps are pretty self-explanatory!

Give the glitter a good shake, they shake the excess off onto a different piece of paper.


Activity 6:

The kids kept telling me that we need more decorations on our porch. They were right! This is a bit spooky, I’m not quire sure how I feel about it yet…
There are several ways to make these flying ghosts.
I didn’t have any white fabric or styrofoam balls on hand, so here’s how I did it.

I used an old dish towel, and cut off the embroidery to create a square.

I used a playdough can that was just about to go in the garbage, to make the head. I wasn’t sure it would work since it’s not perfectly round, but it actually did the job just fine. Tie string or ribbon around the neck, and literally hang your ghost on the porch. Oh, and the face is just drawn with a felt marker.

Activity 7:

You’ve probably seen these “floating” around the internet. They are so fun to make!
To make, clean out a few milk jugs (I think the transparent ones look better).
Then cut a hole in the back of the jug.
The kids painted the faces and bottle caps with black acrylic paint.
Then we inserted a push light in the hole.
(The ghost on the left has…. freckles).

Once upon a time…

I started a blog. This is a tale of my projects, goals, and dreams. Thank you for taking a moment to stop by. I hope you have a beautiful day.

xoxo, Rach H.