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Cooking with my kids.
Ah, my favorite kind of topic.
Like ever. Ever ever.
It’s a chore that is done multiple times a day.
Why not include the eager children in its preparation?
There are a lot of reasons not to (patience, messes, time….)
But every reason to welcome their little hands.
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.
Kids are capable of much more than we think. 
Sometimes they just need the opportunity.
My kids help me in the kitchen just about every day.
They are masters at peeling, pouring, dumping, stirring, spreading, basting, tasting, observing, spilling….
They are learning techniques like measuring, kneading, reading a recipe, chopping.
Just kidding. They have to be much older before I’ll let them chop. 🙂
There are books and books written on this very topic.
Kids cookbooks are fun, and can be found at your library, bookstore, internet….
So I won’t attempt to write a cookbook here.
My only motive is to encourage you.
Let your little ones help you in the kitchen.
Explain to them the role an egg plays in the waffle batter.
Ask them why we use salt. Let them taste it.
See if they can identify raw meat verses cooked meat.
Teach them about sanitation.
Give them a chunk of bread dough, and let them knead it along side you.
Tell them what’s for dinner before you begin cooking.
If they cook it, maybe they’ll even eat it!
If you haven’t already….
Pull a chair up to the counter (or in my case, three). Invite your little helpers. 
Allow the counter to get messy. The floors and their clothes too. It’s worth it!
Dab some flour on their nose. Experience the magic in your kitchen.
Here a few of my favorite pictures from over the years
when I’ve had help from my sweet kids.

This was originally published on Latter-Day Woman, as part of my series entitles, “Creating With My Kids,” found here.

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