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Football season is here!!!
I LOVE this time of year so much. It comes with cherished memories of football, baking, sweaters, organizing, getting into a routine, holidays just around the corner, oh I love it.
To kick off the season, I made these chocolate football rice krispie treats. In keeping with my motto, they were fast, easy, cheap, and tasty! Scroll down for the quick recipe. They are perfect to take to a football party!
Here are some pictures of our fun weekend getaway… my husband and I packed up the kids and took a very spontaneous road trip to see our Alma Mater play against Ole Miss. It was the best.weekend.ever. I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!!

What to do:
follow the usual rice krispie treat recipe, only use cocoa krispies instead. (not cocoa puffs!)
after the butter and marshmallows and cereal are mixed, 
butter your hands and start shaping into footballs. 
once they’ve cooled, use either home-made or store-bought white frosting to “lace up the footballs.”
i made my frosting, then put it into a sandwich bag, cut a tiny hole in the edge, and used it as my frosting bag.
i realize they could be a little neater… but well, you know… 🙂
frosting: mix a little powdered sugar, milk and vanilla, stir to preferred consistency
Happy Footballing! Who’s your favorite team?

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