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For our Back to School Celebration, I made these simple rice krispie treat apples. I’ll tell you how. It’s pretty hard. Just kidding.
You’ll need…
rice krispies
red food coloring
tootsie rolls
fruit roll ups
gummy worms
I make my rice krispie treats different than everyone else- I add more butter and less cereal. So, just tweak the recipe on the bag of marshmallows. When the butter and marshmallows are melted, throw a few drops of red food coloring to it. When it’s all stirred, start shaping into fist-size balls. Poke a hole in the middle with your finger, then place an umwrapped tootsie roll into it. For the leaf- I used a leaf shape pie crust cutter and cut a leaf out of the greenest fruit roll up I could find. Then, I stuck a gummy worm into the treat.
So easy, right? 

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