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Today I’m going to show you how to turn a regular piece of wood into a cute growing chart for your family.  If you move a lot, this is a great project since it can move with you!
Also, this is a fairly cheap project to make if you buy your supplies on sale. I spent around $8 or $9 dollars.
 I mark every person’s height on their birthday. Soon after I made this, I realized I couldn’t find my oldest daughter’s height from the first 3 years of her life, anywhere. I was so bummed. I’m pretty sure when I called the pediatrician’s office, that we had since moved away from, and asked them to pull her chart from their archives, just to tell me her height, they thought I was crazy!!! But hey, we moms will do silly things for the sake of crafting and recording important things! Right?
On to the project… 
Start with… a regular piece of wood. (Mine is a cheap 6 foot plank from Home Depot).

Then paint it with an acrylic wood paint, any color you wish. I chose a light brown. 
Let it dry.
Next, take it outside and sand the edges with an electric sander or just a piece of sandpaper.
With an old rag, rub wood stain all over it. A little goes a long way.
After everything is dry, attach hangers to the back and decide where you’ll be hanging it.
With a regular flexible tape measure, figure out how high off the ground you want to hang your board. Mine fit perfectly in a little space off my kitchen, but wasn’t exactly a foot off the ground like I wanted. The ceiling is too low, so I had to start it at 11 inches off the ground. And that’s where the tape measure begins. Does this make sense? I hope so! Hot glue the tape measure.
Then you’re ready to attach some cute things to it. These little wooden creatures from Hobby Lobby were on sale for pennies. I hot glued them.

You can add your name, a title, or whatever else you want. 
You can also skip the tape measure and paint your own inch markings to the board. 
Gather your family’s measurements, and you’re done!

(I posted this a few weeks ago as a guest post on the blog “Keepin It Simple.”)Linked up here and here and here.
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