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Has your life been affected by cancer? I’ve never read a statistic, but my guess would be that most people have had personal connections to someone living with or whose life has been taken by cancer. I’ve had several loved ones who have successfully battled through cancer, and some whose lives have been lost.
It is not an easy thing for anyone to deal with.
My husband works with cancer patients and their families every day. It is a humbling experience for him to witness these people fighting courageously for their lives. They are truly an inspiration. One patient, just days after a major operation to remove cancer, was pedaling on an exercise bike, training to ride in an upcoming event to fight cancer. I don’t know if he’ll be healthy enough to ride, but it’s determination like his that nearly brought me to tears.

To honor him and patients like him, my husband told me yesterday that he has committed to ride in a 100 mile bike ride event to raise money for cancer research. It is a really big deal where we live, and I’m excited for him “to muster up some toughness of my own and hit the trail on a road bike” in honor of the cancer patients he has cared for in the past and in the future.

He works very hard at his job, which is why I think this is a great event for him to participate in… to help bring further meaning and light to what he does at work day in, day out.

“Cancer sucks” is one of the slogans for this event.

I told him I would help him raise money. 100% of the money raised goes directly to cancer research.
His goal is to raise $1800. 
Yes, that is a lofty goal, which is why I am posting this on my blog.
If anyone out there would like to donate, it would help so much. We never personally see the money- it goes directly to the event.
Last year, $8 million was raised.

FYI… this is a one-time donation.
(Not a per mile type of deal. No one wants to pull a Michael Scott, right)?

If you’d like to donate, send me an email (familyeverafter at gmail dot com) or leave a comment, and I will send you the link to my husband’s profile for this event, where you can leave a donation to fight cancer. 
God bless you.
In return…
If you donate, I would love to feature you on my blog, as a featured project, guest post, giveaway, whatever you would like. Let me know in your email or comment, if you’d like any type of shout-out on my blog. I would be honored.

 (a pic of me and him)
Lastly, my husband is a great inspiration to me. I love how he finds ture meaning in even the smallest of stories.

Here is a video clip he recently shared with me, from the movie “Facing the Giants.” It gets pretty intense. My husband saw great wisdom in this story and went on to say how important it is to him to never give up, and to never lose heart.

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